Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Picture of the Day and a Quilty Gift for a Dear Friend

A couple weeks ago I made the trip to Texas to visit with my Mom. She was having minor surgery (all is well) and I needed to catch up on the business accounting and it was just time for a good visit. Its a long drive, but I love it. I take the back roads (because that's the only way as far as I'm concerned), avoiding the highways (because they make me hyperventilate) wherever I can. I love meandering through the small towns and stopping every now and then to explore.

While driving towards Eden, I spotted this vehicle:

And it made me smile. No, it made me grin from ear to ear, for days. Still does. They pulled into a station and I followed. Just wanted to thank them for their service and sacrifice and welcome home a soldier. They eagerly rolled down the window and I laughed to see 6 children and a very harried Mama. The children were just ecstatic and all talking at once. It was great! They were on their way to Ft. Hood to pick up their Daddy who had been in Afghanistan for a year. They had a set of 14 my old twins and they had just received a call that he would be in earlier than expected. The excitement in that vehicle was barely containable. The Mom was concerned that she hadn't had enough time to curl her hair and I just told her that she looked radiant (she did) and that as far as her husband was concerned, she would be a sight for sore eyes and the most beautiful thing he'd laid his eyes on for a long time. I did thank them and told them to thank their Daddy for me and the kids just erupted all at once. It was great and I'm still grinning. I wish I had gotten the soldier's name. I won't ever forget him or his family.

I also have a finished quilt to share with you. I started this quilt last year and finally have it finished.

I picked up this Sugar Twist pattern the minute I saw it and I love how it came together. I used a Basic Gray Blush Layer Cake although I was quite surprised that I was drawn to it because the colors are way out of my comfort zone. However, I love it so much that I may have expanded my comfort zone. Once I had it finished I knew it had to go to a dear friend for her birthday so I sent it off from Eden. We've been friends for 24 years and don't see each other often enough, but she's one of those 'friends for life' kinda gals and the time between visits doesn't reflect how much I treasure her. So Happy Birthday Jacque! Thank you for the blessing of your friendship!

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