Monday, June 26, 2023

Farmer's Market Quilt

 I pieced this quilt back in March 2019 and finally finished last Saturday night.

 4 years from start to finish if you don't count the fact that I bought the fat quarters in a quilt shop in Buda, Texas in 2010. 😂 I had just started quilting and I remember thinking that $2.25 for a fat quarter was outrageous. 

I didn't use a pattern, just cut 5" squares and snowballed 2 corners of each block. I started out using a light tan, but switched to a black & white dot, but this is the only photo I have

 I wanted it bigger so I pulled the green gingham from my stash for a border and finished it off with a green binding.

I backed it with this print that I love from my stash, 


but didn't have enough so I filled in with this gray plaid I offset on either side.

I can't put my finger on the quilting design Jackie & Sandy used on it, but as usual, it's perfect and brings the top to life. 

At 68 x 74,  this isn't a very big quilt, 

but I just used leftovers from a previous quilt and I think it'll be perfect for a fun little picnic quilt.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Road Trip!

 A few weeks ago we made another road trip to Oklahoma for the newlyweds' reception

On our way there, we did a little exploring to look at some new country

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was too busy soaking in the trip. 😉 

A friend and business associate of Kenny's kindly let us use the Lake Country Club for the celebration and it was perfect - we decorated a little


Set up an arch for pictures

And 2 co-worker / friends worked their magic on the grazing table

Look how pretty! They could do this professionally!

Our girl dried the orange slices to decorate the cake: So delicious...and pretty!

And everyone raved about the cupcakes too!

Our girl and I made a trip to Roanoke for 60# of crawfish and 8# of shrimp

This was our first crawfish experience

Crawfish for the win!

Lots of folks bellied up to the crawfish tables - someone will ask what else was added to the crawfish boil - there was crawfish, shrimp, sausage, baby potatoes, mushrooms, corn on the cob, and green beans, plus the seasoning they used (no, I don't know which one it was) and Kenny's mom made an awesome remoulade sauce that was the perfect accompaniment. 😋

Such a fun celebration, but I don't remember ever being that tired! Whew - we were smoked. We stayed at a very cute hunting cabin just down the road from our girl's place

And it was perfect

We passed out the second our heads hit the pillows

Oklahoma is so green and our garden girl has discovered a green thumb!

I didn't plant a garden this year and with virtually NO rain and these kinds of temps, I would have been hard pressed to grow anything

On our way back, we took another route and foundered on some wonderful barbecue our girl recommended

We planned on stopping in to visit with my BIL the next day so we stayed in Mineral Wells that night and walked around downtown to stretch our legs after so many miles - we had a taste testing at a winery

And stopped to enjoy a local Idol contest

 and to enjoy an appetizer

And retreated into the cool of a local brewery when the humidity chased us desert rats indoors

Such a fun trip, but we were pooped and someone was very glad to have us back home!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

And Two Shall Become One

Well, it's taken me a while, but I think I've finally composed a wedding post. It takes a while to sort through 4000 photos. I know I'm biased, but this post will be filled with fabulous wedding photos. 😉

This was a big day for not only the bride and groom, but for the Bride's Daddy as well. She's always been a Daddy's Girl and I've always loved how close they are

Our girl's vision of a forest wedding came to fruition

A friend of hers officiated - back in January she asked him how far he was willing to travel to officiate her wedding. His response: The outer banks of Mongolia would be my limit. 💖

Our granddaughter, who just turned 2, was the flower girl and she took her job very seriously - she had never even seen that basket until her Daddy handed it to her and told her to feed the birds.

Such a precious age

Kenny's best man and his sweet wife are talented musicians and they played beautifully 

And two shall become one

Adventure lies ahead!

One of  the funniest moments was what was taking place behind the scene when this photo was being taken

The maid-of-honor, her husband, and their darling baby girl were providing the entertainment, trying to get Emma to look up and divert her attention from her flower girl basket. I thought we were all going to implode we laughed so hard at Scottie 'just a swingin' back and forth. 😂

Shelby truly captured the magic of Caitlin and Kenny's special day and I highly recommend her as your legacy photographer for those special moments in your life.

 I don't like photos of myself - I'm much more comfortable behind the camera, but Shelby captured the joy I feel every day being married to this dear man 

I always tell him he missed his calling because he's incredibly witty and makes me laugh unexpectedly, out-loud every day

So grateful to be the parents of these two wonderful chiddlers 


She caught family shots


And we're so blessed that these two have expanded our family

Sweet behind the scenes moments


Black and white shots are always so elegant and timeless


And I love this one because she has a great laugh and I can hear it when I look at this shot


You'll not only get a talented photographer, you'll get a girl who can pivot with grace to tackle any situation and she'll jump in whenever she sees a need, all while making sure the desires of her clients are met and exceeded.

 Girl, you are a gem!

Shelby-Caitlin Photography

Welcome to the family Kenny - we love you both!

May God's hand guide and bless you as you travel though life together - 

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