Saturday, November 18, 2017

'Twas the Night Before...

deer season! And this is what our dining room table looked like last night:

As DH gathered his equipment, I gathered mine. Here's hoping we're both successful in our endeavors. 😉

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Catching Up

This past weekend, DH and I made our annual trek to Amarillo for the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo. It's a 4 day affair, but DH and I only go for 2 days. It's like a family reunion for us. We look forward to it all year, but by noon on Saturday, it gets REALLY crowded and DH and I have exceeded our ability to socialize so we make our escape and head back to the ranch.

It is SO good to catch up with lifelong friends from all over the country. I spent 2 1/2 hours visiting with one friend as we confiscated 2 chairs and tucked them into a quiet corner to catch up. We're both hermits, but we manage to squeeze in a year's worth of visiting in our allotted time. I treasure the time we get to spend with so many dear friends.

For those of you that don't know, WRCA stands for Working Ranch Cowboy Association and it's just that. It's a wonderful organization that promotes ranching and supports the working ranch cowboy. They organize ranch rodeos which is are very different from regular rodeos and they have built a Foundation that presents scholarships and supports working ranch cowboys and their families in time of need. Part of the foundation is a crisis fund that helps ranching families when there is an injury or sickness, or hardship. Each year, during the World Championship Ranch Rodeo, they have an auction and raise money to help support the foundation. I think a few quilts are in order to contribute for next year.

Cowboys don't make a lot of money. They certainly don't do it for the money. It's not WHAT they do, it's WHO they are and these folks dig deep to help each other out.

There is a huge trade show with vendors that are geared toward the working ranch cowboy. It's not as glitzy as Cowboy Christmas at the NFR in Vegas, but it's more down to earth. And this is the most popular booth:

The Happy Toymaker. He makes metal trucks, trailers, and pens...ranch kids toys that are expensive, but coveted and made to last and be passed down for generations.

Children are everywhere and it's one of the things I love about the ranching industry. Folks TAKE their kids. Ranching is very family oriented and it's nice to see parents juggling and herding and carrying little ones who are tuckered out. I remember those days. I miss those days.

DH did a little shopping:

This is the best place for him to pick up tools that he uses every day...a cinch, saddle pad, and latigos. Made in the USA. Handcrafted by folks who cowboy and ranch for a living too.

Monday was another 11 hour day at the sale barn. I made Chicken Tortilla Soup on Sunday to leave for DH:

It was 10:30 when I got home. I took a shower and put together dinner for Tuesday in the crockpot since I'd have a few extras. We sold some cattle and gathered a trap, ran them through the chute for preg-testing and branded them for the new owners.

I made a salad, roast and beans in the crockpot, and a corn casserole:

With cast iron apple crisp and ice cream for dessert

Progress is being made on the new scale project:

 And today, I may even do a little sewing. Hope I remember how!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Yes, Another Post About Fall Works

Are ya'll tired of reading about fall works yet? If I don't get this stuff written down, I'll forget and I really like to keep some sort of record about our life here at the end of the dirt road and this is weaning season so that's what you get. Should I warn you that this is a picture heavy post? Probably no need because you have come to expect it when you visit here. -Grin-

Fall is our busiest time at the sale barn so the days are especially long, but I can't complain about leaving at 9 or 10, when my boss doesn't leave until 1. But combine a long Monday at the sale barn with our fall works and this old gal is plumb tuckered out. We were short handed last Tuesday so DH drafted me to help process cows and haul calves. When I dropped the boys off in the morning and headed back to the house, the good Lord was at it again, painting the New Mexico sky with breathtaking beauty and this red-tailed hawk and I stopped to soak it all in:

Later, the boys gathered the cattle

And brought them to the pens

 Where I take way too many pictures of this fella

But after over 30 years, I am still smitten with him

 One of these days he's going to take my camera away

 But until then, I will continue to capture the magic of ordinary days

They separated the calves from the cows

And started to work the cows

By walking them through the portable setup we have at this set of pens:

DH vaccinated them

And I doused them with Cydectin under the watchful eye of this girl

And the supervision of this gentle Mama

Then we loaded calves:

Drove them the 18 miles to headquarters

And unloaded them

Into the pens

 Then it was back to the east side where the sun was setting

And the cows were let out 

to begin their empty nesting until the new crop arrives in the spring

We had to pick up a bull from Armstrong Basin (a pasture) and then were able to head back to the house, tired, but thankful and grateful for the blessings God tucks into each and every day.

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