Thursday, September 20, 2018

Barn Quilt Blocks Part II

This is the last of the Hondo River Quilt Barn Trail Blocks. These are the 12 that are on the various buildings at the county fair grounds:

Putting the paintbrushes away...for now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Barn Quilt Blocks

Today I thought I'd add a post with the individual photos of the quilt blocks we made for the Hondo River Barn Quilt Trail. So, lots pictures minus the usual chatter.

All the quilt blocks are 4' x 4':

Some of the business owners requested particular colors - this one includes Kubota Orange as it is displayed at New Mexico Machinery and they are also a Kubota dealer.

This one was designed for Pecos Flavors Winery - they also have a wonderful little deli that is a popular lunch destination:

 And this one was purchased by a local nursery called The Greenery:

This one was purchased by the local quilt shop:

This is the only one that is 2' x 2' - it sits behind my co-worker / quilting co-hort and me and the auctioneer at the sale barn. My boss is also a quilter and a member of our tribe. You just never know where you will encounter a quilter. :)

Some of ya'll have asked whether this was a fundraiser. The answer is no. We initiated this as a community development project to help promote tourism, local businesses, and preserve history in the area. The businesses paid a fee and and that went towards the lumber, paint, and flyers. Any extra we have goes towards scholarships and charity community projects.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Under the Paint Brush: Hondo River Barn Quilt Trail

There hasn't been much going on under the needle lately, but there has been an awful lot happening under the paint brush and it's quilt related.

Our Quilt Squad group (we're a country extension club) has taken on a challenging project these past 5 months or so. We have taken on a Quilt Barn Trail and we're nearing it's completion. It's going to be so nice, but Lord have mercy! I don't think anyone realized how much work was involved. In fact, when we were delivering the quilt blocks the other day, one of our band said, "It's a good thing we didn't think this through or we probably never would have taken it on!" Another common phrase that has often been heard is, "Who's idea WAS this?!" And if I ever have to choose another paint swatch sample, it'll be too soon. Just kidding, but good head was spinning every time we walked out of the paint store.

There was the research. The purchasing of lumber and paint.  The selection of the name and logo.The building of the blocks. The drawing of each design. The priming of the blocks.  The endless painting of the blocks.

And the miles of taping with each color change.

The sealing of the blocks. The selling of the blocks. The photos of the blocks.The designing of the flyer - beautifully done by LaDonna and her sister, Connie, painted this block with our Barn Quilt Trail name. I'm telling you, these are a talented bunch of gals:

The delivering of the blocks:

It was a group effort:


 Everyone pitched in where and when they were able. It really was a lot of work, but these ladies are truly extraordinary and it's always a hoot to spend time with them. We painted in the Ice Cream Parlor at the fair grounds. We happened to be there during the county fair and our extension agent mentioned that the Governor was visiting so we grabbed her (we were actually more polite than that!) and asked whether she minded contributing to our project:

Thank you so much, Governor Martinez! And soon, blocks began to appear around town:

There are 11 blocks at the Fair Grounds and 20 more were purchased by businesses around town. I'm not a Facebook user but the Barn Quilt Trail is there (Click on link):

We'll be posting photos as the blocks go up, but everyone's hard work is about to pay off! Such a fun group of ladies! I'm grateful to be a part of their tribe.Well done girls!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Green Chile Season

This arid desert is not a friendly environment for growing flower gardens or bringing home lush bedding plants from the nursery and expecting them to flourish. But pecans and green chile are abundantly grown and prolific producers here and September is 'fill your deep freeze with chile' season. New Mexico is synonymous with green chile and everywhere you look, there are stands set up for roasting this New Mexico staple.


The canned variety pales in comparison. While our girl was home, she sent out a post letting co-workers know that she was in the green chile capitol if someone wanted her to bring some back. And to say they took her up on her offer was an understatement.

 Yep. That's 7 bushels of roasted green chile in my kitchen. 7 bushels equals 140#. Some folks wanted 1/3. Some wanted 1/2. And some wanted a whole bushel. So we commenced to divvying up the orders and setting the bags of hot green chile on the kitchen counter:


filling the other side:


Continuing onto the island:


And the stove:


And spilling into the laundry room.


The house smelled heavenly. There is a very distinct aroma to good green chile. We let the bags cool before sealing them and loading them into the deep freeze. The next morning we packed them into a humongous cooler and sent our girl on her way to bring green chile happiness to her coworkers.

Now I need to go back for my bushel!


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