Saturday, January 23, 2021

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

 To say I've enjoyed being home would be an understatement. It's been SO good to be home! We've been busy, but  our days are filled with blessings. Here's a recap of our week. I didn't intend for this post to be so long, but try as I might, I can't seem to get a quick daily post written so you get it all at once. Sorry! Just know this did not all take place on one day. We're busy, but not THAT busy! 😉

On Sunday DH smoked some quail and I made quail stew - a favorite around here:

We've had some cold days:

A little bit of snow:

But lots of blue sky:

We've had calves in the pens


Moved some feed troughs

Doctored a horse with a tummy ache

Cleaned out the feed room:

Sold 3001 hd of  cattle at the sale barn on Monday, but we sold some bunches so the sale only lasted 10 1/2 hours. Still, it made for a long day and I made a grocery run after work because I knew I wouldn't have time for another trip to town this week and I had a crew to feed. On Tuesday morning we loaded another truck with calves and DH and I loaded the overflow onto our trailer and drove 2 hours to a different sale barn:

Where we emptied our rigs 

and headed back home:


We've been putting out a lot of hay:

And running out of daylight:

DH and I get along really well, but there are little things that I do that probably drive him crazy. I'll bet I know the one thing about me (there are probably a lot more than I think!) that bothers him the most...I am always taking pictures. 😏 99% of the pictures I take, that are about ranch life, are taken on the fly when I am helping him:

Lots of deep holes in these Tobosa pastures so it's a good thing I didn't drive the rig into one of those while I was taking pictures and dump DH off the back while he was pitching out hay to the bulls:

Skeet is the keeper of the gates: 

And our trusty sidekick

Looking for a cow that was missed during gathering

We were also short a bull and Skeet was eager to add his assistance:

Who am I kidding. He's ALWAYS on the job and eager to help:


We Trich tested bulls on Thursday and since they were gathered, DH spent time sorting through them:

The rest of the crew holds the herd and only lets certain bulls through that DH has designated

DH looks at their condition and feet and just gives them a good looking over to make sure they are healthy: 

He takes all the time he needs to go through the 43 Corriente bulls. We've already tended to the beef bulls. There are 50 of those

so I had a small crew to feed - just 7. Gotta keep the vet in cookies. 😁

A few of you have inquired about the Tortilla Stack I mentioned a while back so I figured I'd make that so I could post about it (recipe coming soon). I made salsa, a salad, corn, and taquitos (from a box -  EEK! 👀)

 and Sopapilla Cheesecake for Dessert. I haven't made that in a while and I had forgotten how much they like it.

I like cooking, but when the days are busy, I am REALLY grateful for leftovers!

 Did someone say leftovers?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2021 Quilt List

 I usually post a somewhat abbreviated list of quilts I hope to complete in the coming year in January- it helps me focus on my goals. Never mind that those goals are subject to change on a whim - but there are no rules in quilting and in my book, inspiration ought to be spontaneous. However, this year I am expanding that list purely because I will use this post to refer back to in the coming months.  This really is just a list of unfinished projects. I think just one new project snuck it's way in. Don't judge. 😊

1. Urban Zoology : this one was on last year's list, but I did piece it into a top and it is at Jackie's

2. HST Chaos: this one needs to be pressed and taken to Jackie

3. Jellystone: this one needs to be pressed and I need to  piece the backing before I take it to Jackie

4. Biscuits & Gravy: I'm in the process of piecing this one that uses a couple of jellyrolls
5. Lincoln 16-Patch : the blocks are made and are ready to be stitched together

6. My Country Garden: Jackie has this one too

7. Quite Contrary: Just need to finish stitching on the binding

8. Gray Floral Spring Splash: I need a backing for this before I take it to Jackie

9. Black & Pink Floral Spring Splash: This one also needs a backing

10. Radiant: I need to piece the backing for this one before I hand it over to Jackie, but I don't want to overwhelm her - I pieced this HST top a couple of years ago - this is just a shot of part of it as I was laying it out

11. Modern Greek Cross - this is from last year's list, but I haven't even started it

12. Fun Flower Beads - a size variation of the Chandelier quilt pattern - pieced and waiting at Jackie's

13. Zimbabwe - Another ready for quilting 

14. This one is pieced too - and I need a backing for it

15. Scrap dance Waltz: Another one that has been waiting for a backing for 2 or 3 years

16. Plus a Nine-Patch: This is going to be the year of the backing - another awaiting a backing:

17.  Baby Sails: I need to piece and applique the boats for this one:

18. Desert Teepees: I started playing with this one, but set it aside over a year ago thinking the arrows were too large, but I'll pull the bin and see if I can do something with it

19.  Farm Stand: another shot of part of a top that needs a border and a backing:

20. Farmer's Market: I have everything for this backing - just need to piece it

21. A QOV that is pieced, but this is the only photo I have right now and it needs a border:

22. Bluebirds on Roses: Ready to hang out at Jackie's

23. Pinwheel Garden: Yep. You guessed it. In need of a backing:

24. Howdy: Last one! Whew!

Now, don't go thinking I whipped all these out last year - most of them have a little bit of age on them. 
I really didn't expect to end up with this many, but I'm just going to give myself some grace about it and tackle them one stitch at a time.

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