Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Jellystone Quilt Finish

 This quilt has been in the works for years. 

I knew I wanted to make it when I first saw the pattern in this book

I loved the name as well as the design. Yogi and BooBoo were a part of my childhood and I can't help thinking of them and laughing at their antics when I recall the name of this quilt.

This is hands down my favorite quilt book from my favorite designer. Carrie - you are a genius! I bought this book in 2015 and started pulling fabrics from my stash for this quilt immediately. I'd cut and add fabrics from time to time

and finally began piecing blocks in March, 2020

Every stitch was a joy - I just love these fabrics

 Jackie quilted fun leaves across it - always adding her perfect magic touch 

The backing is a $4.50 find from the clearance section

 at a wonderful little quilt shop called Front Porch Quilts in Benjamin, Texas:

I can always find something in my stash for bindings and this print made the cut to finish off this happy, scrappy quilt. 

I love Autumn and I was surprised this was the first Fall quilt I made and, in my world, Fall quilts in February are perfectly acceptable. 

😉 The day I took these pictures, it was 70°, but this morning it was 12° with a stiff breeze blowing:

The setting desert sun made this quilt positively glow:

But the earlier shots give a truer depiction of the colors. Jellystone finishes at 77"x92" and I'm so tickled to have it finished! From the first stich to the last - it was such fun!

Monday, February 14, 2022

What I've Been Up To

Last week was a busy week. I always heard that things would slow down once the kids left home. Ha! I guess we just trade one kind of busy for another. And to be honest, I don't think I'm that busy, I just think aging has something to do with my perspective. Either way, our days are full, but I consider that to be a blessing. 

Last weekend, Feb 4, I took a roadtrip - just for one night - 4 hours to spend a little bit of time with this precious little nugget and her parents:

I came back Saturday evening and spent Sunday with DH, tax paperwork, and the Olympics. I'm not a binge-watcher, but that changes when it comes to the Olympics. I'm a huge fan.

We had a very short run at the Sale Barn on Monday - just over 300 hd - only 2 1/2hrs , so I penciled in a lot of errands and by the time I sat down at 7 that evening, I was tired. I laughed and told DH it was ridiculous to be so tired after a short 2 1/2 hr work day. 

Tuesday had us back in town for a couple of appointments and then back home for feed runs and some time proof reading a banquet program.

6 hr roundtrip to Lubbock on Wednesday with a stop at HEB for some groceries. As I snapped this shot - DH laughed at me taking a picture of the cheese wall

He chuckled as he commented: "This is not a tourist destination."

My reply, "Well, it kind of is!"

And then speaking with a friend later in the week - I shared the fact that I took a picture of the cheese wall and DH's comment. She interrupted, "Well, it kind of IS!" Exact same words. Ha! Vindication. LOL.

Thursday - HOME! Yay! Although it was spent scrambling and making unexpected arrangements, multiple phone calls, and lots of emails and texts. Keeping it under my hat for the moment, but I'm not used to such frenzied activity and it wore me out.

Friday - spent all morning in town setting up for the Annual Safari Fundraiser Banquet and then working during the actual banquet. 

DH is in charge of the membership booth and I was his assistant on Friday. 

Saturday - back in town by noon for the 2nd evening of the banquet. 

I man the draw down booth on Saturday - we sell 500 tickets and every 5th ticket drawn receives a door prize. The last 4 tickets are hunts.

Sunday - recuperation day. 🥱 

I'll be back at the Sale Barn today - a longer day today, but plans to revert back to hermit mode will be implemented immediately afterwards. 

Monday, February 7, 2022

The Pile of Coats

 For those of you who don't know, we live on and manage a 128,000 acre ranch in the desert SW. When you step into our home, you step into our mudroom / laundry room.  It's also a catch-all for things that need to go to the shop - barn - pickup - shed. And it's our coat closet:

😂 This is the state of my washer/dryer during coat season. We don't have an actual closet for coats, but we do have a coat rack in this room

As well as some hooks:

This is a lot of outerwear for 2 people. Four of these are mine. In DH's defense, he's outside all day, every day and more often than not we have 40-50° swings in a day here. He's got vests and jackets and coats and coveralls and wildrags and gloves and hats. 

I try to keep things straightened up so does that pile of outerwear on the washer / dryer that I clear off multiple times a day bother me? 

The other day DH walked in and I had the pile in my arms, trying to put a load of clothes in the washer. He chuckled, apologized, and asked me if it bothered me. My answer. No. Not even a little bit. Because that pile of clothes means you're here and healthy enough to do what you love and you're home and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Friday, February 4, 2022

A Touch of Winter

 We've had such a mild winter this year. A few 9° mornings and 40° afternoons. Absolutely NO moisture. 😟 but brilliant blue skies for the most part

But this week's forecast had us gearing up for some winter weather.

 Much of the last few days have been spent covering up pipeline with the tractor, checking that heat lamps are working in pump houses, leaving faucets dripping and hauling hay from the floor of the barn to the chicken coop for some extra insulation. As always, Skeet is ready to help:

I let the chickens and guineas free-range, but a few of them come back to hang out throughout the day. They were there when I arrived with the wheelbarrow and they just commenced to pitching a fit when I started to line their boxes with hay. Silly girls. I had to laugh at the concerned expression on Skeet's face:

Thursday morning we woke to 2°.  A little chilly, but we only got a skiff of snow


 DH was out and about because ranching isn't an indoor occupation and cattle still need to be fed:

 but his spoiled wife was able to log in some time in her sewing room until her iron quit:

And spend some time in a warm kitchen baking his favorite cookie:

Here's hoping that those of you who are in the middle of the snow and ice will stay safe and warm.
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