Thursday, July 9, 2020

In My Sewing Room

It's been an awfully long time since I've spent any time behind the sewing machine. I've missed it, but in all honesty, I missed DH and Skeet and just being together more so I didn't sew much while I was home. I went to work on Monday after I got back from Texas and stopped to pick up 2 quilts from Jackie and I've got another here at the house that needs binding first.


I brought them all with me to Texas this time around. So that left me with the question of what to work on after bindings were made. I probably spent more time taking stock of half finished projects and sorting through piles than I should have, but it made me happy to do something that felt normal.

I just wanted to sew something for a few minutes...anything, so I stitched some of the rows together on this QOV that I had webbed before I left:

I attached bindings to the front of the three quilts. This is my oldest UFO:

I also cut some pieces for my ongoing EPP project. I had only planned on being at my Mom's for 4 or 5 days and hadn't taken it along. 4 or 5 turned into 37 and I wished I had had it:

Then I threw in this kit to cut out:

As well as these well-seasoned fat quarters that I plan to cut using this pattern:

Sewing took a back seat to spending time with DH, but it felt good to play in my sewing room again. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

A Wet 4th

So glad I was home as this rolled through about 2 a.m. July 4th:

1.5" here at headquarters and that's cause for celebration:

It was a loud and rambunctious storm and we gave up trying to sleep by 4. My first thought was, "I'm penciling in a nap today".  The garden is celebrating too

And the chickens are hatching an escape plan

We're pretty low key around here. Thought about fishing Saturday morning, but it was too wet to get around and we don't like to tear up our roads, but we ran down the pavement and navigated down one dirt road on the east end to check a few rain gauges:

Catching dirt tank water makes DH's job a lot easier:

I'm still recuperating from my 37 days in Texas. My mom's still in the rehabilitation facility, but they are discharging her on Wednesday so I'm planning another road trip on Tuesday.

Until then, I'm hunkered down on the dirt road, enjoying time with this fella:

Soaking in the song of the Scissor-tail

Finding beauty in everything

Celebrating the miles of space:

And never taking the freedoms we enjoy here in America for granted - we're still "One nation under God" and not only on the 4th, but every day, I give thanks for God and the men and women, past and present who have defended and fought for those very freedoms. 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kicking off July

Wednesday dawned bright and early as it tends to here on the ranch and DH began it by pulling on his dentist hat. 


He picked up this mama and her baby as DH noticed the mama was doing poorly. Once we had her tied down, I held her tongue while DH held a flashlight and pulled 3 of her teeth:


Then we headed to Chuckbox (one of the pastures) and built a ramp with rocks 

Skeet and I were the rock haulers:

DH poured Quikrete 

We built the ramp so the new babies can reach to drink when their mama's come in to water:

Skeet was an attentive supervisor:

DH burns the sacks 

Such a pretty morning

After that, we headed back to the house and I scooted into town. My list was long. Trips to town are always daunting for me, but I treated myself to a new pair of gloves and Skeet got some Bravecto and Carprovet (an anti-inflammatory). 

He goes so hard when he runs that he is often sore and gimpy. 

He has a partially torn ACL so DH is not taking him when he goes horseback, but keeping this little rascal from running is purt near impossible:

I made these stops in town:
1. Farm Store
2. Vet
3. Seed Store
4. Post Office
5. Bank
6. Quilt Shop (they are making a quilt label for me - advancing technology no longer allows me to use        the embroidery function on my sewing machine)
7. Culligan for water
8. Hair Cut (1st one since the 1st week in Dec)
9. Car Wash (probably wash the truck 3 times a year - we live on a dirt road - I don't worry about it            much)
10. Hobby Lobby (needed lots of thank you cards)
11. Marshall's (return)
12. Grocery Store
13. Sam's

Trips to town always wear me out, but DH knows this is the best way to end the day:

Monday, June 29, 2020

Country Roads...Take Me Home...

to the place...I belong:

Yes, I am home! Thank you for all of your kind thoughts, comments, and prayers. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. The last 6 weeks have been a bit overwhelming and I'm still expecting to hit a wall at some point. But I am home. For now.

Quick update. Mom had surgery to remove the Sarcoma on the 17th. She was in the hospital until 22nd, when she was discharged and moved to a rehabilitation facility of our choosing. She has a 24" surgical incision that will take some time to heal, but she is well taken care of and as I am not able to visit due to the Covid restrictions, I had wrapped things up and headed home on Thursday. Before I left, I had her car serviced, cleaned out her refrigerator, ordered her a new cell phone and delivered it to her, and paid any bills that had come in. 

Now I am recuperating. I was in the hospital with mom every day for 12-30 hours at a time. We never turned on the tv, but I had reading material and friends made sure I was fortified with homemade cookies:

Such a different view from what I am used to:

And during the day, I was fascinated for hours by the construction 10 floors below. They are building a Women and Children's hospital and my inner 3 yr-old was so interested in the comings and goings throughout the days. It looked like a tiny tot construction site:

When she slept, I walked laps around the 10th floor and made good use of the rooftop garden:

I was very grateful for this space:

My mom's case manager is calling each day and updating me on her progress. I will go back a few days before she is discharged, but until then, I am soaking in home.

DH was a gem and he spent an hour each evening tending to my chores after tending to his. My Cosmos are out of control:

And my garden is flourishing:

The chickens decimated my jalapenos as soon as I left, but DH built a cage and they are coming back:

I'll probably pick up a few more next time I'm in town, but truth be told, I'm in no hurry to be in town.

I came home late Thursday night, but was up bright and early to greet the day. I've missed this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

This old John Denver song keeps playing in my head

Friday, June 12, 2020

Moving Forward

Yes, I'm still in Texas. We met with the Orthopedic Oncologist a week ago, Friday, in Austin and Mom was given her options. Surgery or no treatment. The soft tissue Sarcoma she has will not react to chemo or radiation.  Radiation would slow it down and the 1 chemo medication that is on the table for Sarcoma cancers would have to be given at such a low level that it wouldn't be very effective. No treatment means 6 hard months ahead. The surgeon is highly respected and sought out, even nationally. However, they would need to amputate her leg so she sought out a second opinion.

That appointment was this past Thursday. A third option was given. Surgery, with an attempt to keep the leg. 3-5 days in the hospital. 2-4 weeks in a rehab facility. 30 radiation treatments in 30 days.

Lots of hard choices, but I told her I would support her either way. It is her decision to make. After a few sleepless nights and some waffling back and forth, advice from well-meaning friends, more consultations, she has chosen option 3, with the surgeon here in town.

Mom is weak and the medications are making her drowsy so she sleeps a lot. The tumor is 6"x8" and squeezing the sciatic nerve. She also has a completely torn hamstring  and partially torn tendons. No wonder the poor thing is in pain! I am working to keep her nourished and hydrated and thinking of applying as a Presidential Social Secretary. Her tribe is large and fierce and loyal and between mail and texting and phone calls and social distanced visits, I have my hands full. This is the mail yesterday:

I am finding things to do to occupy my time. I bought some pretty spiffy running / walking shoes as I packed hastily when I came down, thinking I'd only be here for 4 or 5 days. I don't even own regular tennis shoes. Do they still even call them that? At home I walk in hikers, but I plan to chalk up some miles while she is recuperating. The Fleet Feet store is just 2 miles away so I popped in there when I went to pick up some of her medical records while she had visitors. I had to laugh because 'Fleet' is NOT an adjective that I could ever apply to my feet...or any other part of me! They were very helpful, but probably laughed themselves silly after I left. Doubt they get too many chubby, old ladies, in dire need of a haircut walking through their doors.  I WILL say that I left the store feeling like I could tackle a marathon... but that too was fleeting. 😂😂


But I started running! What's up with that?! Well, running may be a bit of a stretch. It's more like a shuffle-trot. But my mom lives in a beautiful cul-de-sac and I can make a loop, pop in and check in on her, make another loop...etc. I'm sure I am entertaining the neighbors. My first encounter began with, "I didn't know you were a runner." Me: Neither did I. 😊

And now that I finished binding that quilt I brought, I have nothing to stitch. I don't do well with idle hands. I have only picked up knitting needles  and a crochet hook once in my life. Time to pick up some yarn. I picked up both hastily when I bought my shoes. Hobby Lobby is just a few stores down.  I'm thinking I'll start with crochet because mom is a very light sleeper and clacking knitting needles will be bothersome to her. I bought this soft earth toned yarn because I knew Mom would like it, watched a video or two and went to town:


Two puzzles down:


One to go:

I can hear ya'll now, "Well of course she's going to find a chicken puzzle!" 😄

I also brought good reading material and have my Kindle and a Fire tablet. 

I guess I'm like a little kid. I need to pack a 'busy bag'. Surely all of that will keep me out of trouble. It has thus far. I'll have to assure the hospital staff that I am not really moving in. It just looks like it. 😉 Oh, and I'm bringing chocolate (and Jesus!) and I'm bringing enough to share.

So I'll be sitting at the foot of the cross as I support and help my mom through this challenging time and I'll just remember to bloom where I am planted. 😉
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