Friday, June 22, 2018

Escaping the Heat

We had a fun weekend last week. Friends invited us to a Fish Fry on Saturday and we enjoyed a good visit and the best fish we'd ever had. I didn't take a single picture, but rest assured, the fun and friends and fish were all fabulous.

Saturday found us back on the road. We met my in-laws in a mountain town for a Father's Day lunch. No photos there either because it's an in-law law. :) Then DH and I changed into t-shirts and hiking boots, took the road less traveled and spent the rest of the day hiking. And no, I don't wear jewelry when I'm hiking. I just forgot to take it off when I changed after having dinner with my in-laws. :)

DH said we'd just make a small circle and stretch our legs, but you have to remember, I'm married to a mountain goat.

  We stretched our legs for 6 miles

 and climbed 900 ft. in elevation.

The mountains are DRY. No campfires allowed. Folks in town can't even grill burgers on their grill. $500 fine. A few years ago this area was ravaged by a wildfire that licked the edges of the town and destroyed a lot of land and homes.


There's a popular fishing lake, but it's been drained and is in the process of being cleaned because the ash from the fire killed all the fish and other aquatic life and they needed to keep the contaminated water from filtering downstream:

Still, we enjoyed the afternoon in the dappled sunshine


In such a pretty spot:


I spent  a lot of time looking at the ground because I can be a klutz and I didn't want to DH to have to drag me back down the mountain:


Even in a drought, things were a-buzz and a-bloom:


The streams were barely running at a trickle. We didn't have much of a winter and no snow. That hit this little town, that is known for and relies on it's tourism - skiing in the winter and fishing in the summer, hard.


And even though yesterday was the first official day of summer, it's been here since May. Here's our forecast for the coming week:

So it was nice to escape to the mountains for a day where we soaked up the 66° and sunshine:


And although I love the crisp blue skies of this desert country, I am ready for the sun to begin setting just a tad earlier these days. Around here, our mornings start early in order to beat the heat and I'm just plumb wore out when it doesn't get dark until almost 9 p.m.

Side note for Sandy who asked me a question in a previous post. I am unable to reply to your comment as there is no email associated with your account. If you'll shoot me an email, I'll get back to you today. :)
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