Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Christmas Train and Little Bit...again

 Well once more I'm coming in at the tail end of the month with my Christmas Through the Year project for the month. Wouldn't you know that the wind would blow on the last day when I decided to take pictures so today you get flying stockings:

I made 6 stockings for the Stockings for Soldiers project. I'll pick things up throughout the rest of the year to fill them. I made some of these last year and I really enjoyed filling them and sending them off.

Surely all of y'all have heard about Darlene and Cheryl's year -long Christmas gift making project by now, but just in case, you can pop in over here to learn more and you can join in at any time. Thank you both for keeping me accountable.

Tucking in my progress on Little Bit this month too. Here's where I was last month:

And 31 days later:

 Still stitching like a crazy woman and  hoping to put the last stitch in by the end of April.
 Then in May I can have it framed and add it to the Christmas box! I will be SOOOO glad to tuck this little fella away. I am getting tired of working on him and my quilting is suffering greatly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Log Cabin Quilt in the Rain

Well, its about time. I can finally cross something off of that list I made at the beginning of the year!  This is my oldest UFO patiently awaiting its binding:

Its the second quilt I ever started back in 2008 and if you look closer (let's not and say you did), you can see that I had no idea how to sew a consistent 1/4" seam. Those strips are all over the place, but you know what? I love it anyway.

It measures 64x67 and in all actuality, it should be square, but those pesky 1/4" seams probably have something to do with that. Don't know what possessed me to choose a pattern that used 1.25" strips. You would think a quilt such as this would be a stash buster, but remember, this was only my second quilt so it turned out to be a stash builder. :) I seem to be on a roll when it comes to stash building.

 One day the strips began complaining that they were tired of being strips and it was past time they be sewn into a quilt. This actually started out as a different Log Cabin quilt with appliqued stars, but when I set the blocks out and added the stars, they just sat there looking grumpy.

 Finally I settled on this setting and happy contentment was reached.

The afternoon light really brought out the colors.

I just had Jackie quilt a stipple across it. I love stippling. It seems to make the quilt extra cuddly and I make most of my quilts to cuddle with. I stitched on the binding (my favorite part) when I was at my Mom's a couple of weeks ago and I planned on taking a picture or two on the way home through my beloved hill country. Wouldn't you know, it rained for 5 hours of the trip and by the time I drove out of the rain, I was no longer in the hill country. I was super excited about the rain though and I tried to coerce it to follow me home. Alas, my attempts went unheeded.

I grabbed this one and only shot when it wasn't absolutely pouring. I walked across the road, dodging raindrops and slogged through the bar ditch, to drape my quilt gingerly across the fence. I had to stop when I spied this spot. If you look close behind the quilt, there is a cross set amongst the rocks. I'm spending a lot of time on my knees lately and it made me think that although my quilting brings me, and hopefully others, much happiness, I should always keep my eyes on the cross.

Our daughter was home this weekend (yay!) and she broke it in so it is now officially a part of the family.

I'm jumping in on the fun over at Quilt Story for their  Fabulous Fabric Tuesday Party this week. Heather and Megan are uber talented and very gracious to let us all crash in on the party fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Missing Our Boy, New Friends, and More Pincushions

First off I want to thank all of you who took the time to comment on my previous post. I can not find the words to express how much your sweet words, kind comments, and precious prayers mean to me. I won't lie and tell you that tears were not involved. I printed out your comforting words and added them to the envelope that's headed his way tomorrow. Sent him a care package last week filled with a batch of his favorite cookies. Didn't feel like I could fit in as many as I wanted because of the way they suggest you package them. They say they will taste like they are fresh from the oven. I'm skeptical, but hopeful.

I have been reading this book called Love You More Than You Know, but it is slow going because the words are all blurry. :) . 

So, in my effort to stay busy, I've been cleaning my clean floors, washing my washed windows, raking the raked yard, and working on projects. :) I was in Texas for 5 days helping my Mom. I got the business and personal taxes all tended to and enjoyed catching up with her and some dear friends.

On my way through the hill country I was super excited to stop in and meet up with a precious blogging friend, Doniene , for the first time. Can I just say that I was so blessed and that I am thankful for my new found friend? We have so much in common and our visit wasn't nearly long enough. Honestly we just scratched the surface and then since then, we've come to know just how small of a world it really is. We met at the local quilt-wool-yarn shop that has everything you could ever want as well as things you never knew you needed. Then she treated me to a lovely dinner at the local Mexican Food place and I know that the food was amazing, but we were so busy chatting that I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it. Looking forward to our next visit!

Then I found out that I missed meeting another blogging friend by 1 day! She was at another Texas quilt shop the day after I was. I was so sad.

So, you're probably wondering if I'm going to show you anything or just keep chattering away. I'm still in pincushion mode. I made a few more chicken feeder ones. I made this one for Doniene:

And this one for me because I dearly miss the bluebonnets:

Then I made this one for fun:

I found the little cast iron kettle at the feed store when I bought all their chicken feeders.
I call it my Needle in a Haystack Pincushion. See the little hay bales on the fabric?

My family was not amused, but I thought it was brilliant. Ok, so not exactly brilliant, but cute nonetheless.
I'm joining in on the fun over at Sew Many Ways for her party this week. Hop over and prepare to be inspired.

I'll be back in a day or two because I actually have a finish to share with y'all!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Boy

This boy:

Made me a Mama:

Fills my heart with joy:

Makes me laugh:

Is my Superhero:

Gives the best hugs:

Is charming:

Gave me my first gray hair

And many more after that:

Has all the right moves:

Has a mischievious grin:

Loves his sister:

makes us proud:

Has a kind heart:

Is handy horseback:

Is a talented guitar player:

Loves to fish:

keeps my on my knees:

grew up much to quickly:

Has his Daddy's work ethic:

Always does his best:

Loves skeet:

Is headed to Afghanistan today:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling my Age

 When the kids were small we had chickens, but the chickens did not make the move with us. We have a chicken house here, but in the hustle and bustle that is life, we just never seemed to bring any home. Yesterday, I headed out to change that and I faced this:

Our poor little dilapidated chicken coop.

It's rustic. It's vintage. I hear that's in these days.

The chicken yard is 30' x 35'  and it is covered in weeds. Correction, WAS. It was gorgeous out yesterday and staying inside when it's that nice, just isn't possible so I grabbed my trusty rake, shrub cutters, and gloves and fought my way through the brittle jungle to the door. -Insert Indiana Jones Theme Music here- then swoon because that's what happens when you think of Harrison Ford. Alas, reality is calling.

This little door is only 18" wide
Everything had to pass through it.
This is what greeted me:

Our daughter's trusty beagle was stomping the weeds for me and clearing a path hoping it would earn him some extra vittles. The dog thinks with his stomach.

Now, DH is the chivalrous kind, but seldom does he have time for projects like these. 128,000 acres kind of keeps him occupied so these kinds of things become MY babies and in my attempt to get comfortable with this empty nest, I need projects. I miss the pitter patter of little feet. Looks like I have to settle for chicken feet. :)

I am doing this on a budget. A shoestring budget. Make that 1/2 a shoestring. So there won't be any primping going on. Holes will be patched in order to provide the security system and fresh bedding will be installed. An interested party was already scoping things out when I went out this morning:

And he was there again when I headed back in:

You had better not be getting any ideas mister.

 My flock will be fat and sassy, but they will not be living in luxury. I don't live in luxury, but I am quite spoiled and yes, a little fat and sassy too!

Here is the fruit of my labor:

And here is the result at the end of the day. I really only put in 4 solid hours, but it felt like all day. I was beat, but at least I'll be able to find the chickens!

My hands hurt. My arms are sore. I feel old this morning, but I'm headed out to finish the job. And on a positive note - I slept like a baby...a baby that sleeps like a log.
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