Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling my Age

 When the kids were small we had chickens, but the chickens did not make the move with us. We have a chicken house here, but in the hustle and bustle that is life, we just never seemed to bring any home. Yesterday, I headed out to change that and I faced this:

Our poor little dilapidated chicken coop.

It's rustic. It's vintage. I hear that's in these days.

The chicken yard is 30' x 35'  and it is covered in weeds. Correction, WAS. It was gorgeous out yesterday and staying inside when it's that nice, just isn't possible so I grabbed my trusty rake, shrub cutters, and gloves and fought my way through the brittle jungle to the door. -Insert Indiana Jones Theme Music here- then swoon because that's what happens when you think of Harrison Ford. Alas, reality is calling.

This little door is only 18" wide
Everything had to pass through it.
This is what greeted me:

Our daughter's trusty beagle was stomping the weeds for me and clearing a path hoping it would earn him some extra vittles. The dog thinks with his stomach.

Now, DH is the chivalrous kind, but seldom does he have time for projects like these. 128,000 acres kind of keeps him occupied so these kinds of things become MY babies and in my attempt to get comfortable with this empty nest, I need projects. I miss the pitter patter of little feet. Looks like I have to settle for chicken feet. :)

I am doing this on a budget. A shoestring budget. Make that 1/2 a shoestring. So there won't be any primping going on. Holes will be patched in order to provide the security system and fresh bedding will be installed. An interested party was already scoping things out when I went out this morning:

And he was there again when I headed back in:

You had better not be getting any ideas mister.

 My flock will be fat and sassy, but they will not be living in luxury. I don't live in luxury, but I am quite spoiled and yes, a little fat and sassy too!

Here is the fruit of my labor:

And here is the result at the end of the day. I really only put in 4 solid hours, but it felt like all day. I was beat, but at least I'll be able to find the chickens!

My hands hurt. My arms are sore. I feel old this morning, but I'm headed out to finish the job. And on a positive note - I slept like a baby...a baby that sleeps like a log.


Doniene said...

Awesome!! My kind of girl - and when are you coming to visit - I have a couple of clean up projects on my list!! LOL

Beautiful shots of the hawk!!

Have a blessed day!!

Chiska said...

It looks awesome!

rosie said...

I am so hearing you Karin... we have had five inches of rain, so I headed out into the garden... my poor old bones! We also have lots of flooding around, but fortunately not in the house. Poor animals though..

Ranch wife said...

Woo Hoo! Good job. Better get rid of your feathered friend, he is just waiting for fresh chicken!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That looks Great!
Good work Karen!!

Barbara said...

Wow! That was a lot of work! Good for you.

carol fun said...

Now that was a lot of hard work!! It looks great. Hope you aren't too sore - Advil is your friend! take care -

JMF said...

It always feels good to get a hard project done. I know I let myself get out of shape this winter. Can't wait til it gets alittle warmer I'll get out more. My DIL has chickens and I just made a walhanging for her birthday next week with chickens. I'll post it next week. I can send you my ActivOn joint and muscle cream LOL that is if I have any left!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it will work well and even has a screen roof to keep out the hawk? Nothing like fresh from the hen eggs!linda

Karin said...

Great job you did with the chicken coop. I think the chickens will be very happy long as they have food, water and are able to walk around and pick and scrape here and there (hope its said right - lol)

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