Sunday, December 9, 2018

Snow Day

We have enjoyed an unusually long, and beautiful Fall, but it came to an abrupt halt Saturday morning:

We awoke to about 6"

Which is quite a lot for us here in the desert. Skeet was elated:

But first things first:

Yes, even before our breakfast, critters are tended to:

And feed troughs need to be shoveled out before feed can be doled out:

With both of us shoveling, it only took half as long

Breakfast is served:

And after tending to some other chores:

And a little more time behind the shovel

DH enjoyed a well-deserved breakfast of steak and eggs

This was a heavy wet snow and pretty as it was:

We lost some big branches:

We're grateful for the moisture:

But thankful it doesn't hang around for more than 3 or 4 days. Glad I remembered to pull the laundry off the line:

Around here, a snow day means my oven will be busy:

After all, one tends to work up an appetite after all that shovel time:


barbara woods said...

beautiful but always grateful when It's gone and only if the power stays on

Sherrill said...

YUM! I always love the Rolos on a pretzel with a pecan on top. The BEST! But I'd hate to be out in that stuff..that heavens it totally missed us!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

The snow is beautiful! Being a dairy farmers daughter I remember when the snow would be so heavy tree limbs would break power lines and milking cows by hand. Baking cookies seems like a great indoor activity for this time of the year.

Chantal said...

That's funny. You have more snow than I and I live in Canada, haha! ;^)

Tired Teacher said...

Snow does make chores a bit harder to complete. Glad you received some good moisture out of this storm.

Nancy said...

Your snow is so beautiful, Karin. We're still waiting for a 6" snow here in Ohio. It's a lot more work to take care of the snow in your environment that in ours. We've had an inch but nothing more at the same time. That steak looks delicious, and so do your cookies.

Dorian said...

I saw on the weather forecast a snow system was heading towards you, and was wondering if you got it. Looks so lovely :) We had a sprinkling of snow about a week ago. Makes my littlest and I excited for winter :)

Janet O. said...

You have a lot more snow than we have in Northern Utah (known for the "greatest snow on earth" for skiers).
Oh, you are productive inside and out. The cookies look delicious!

Theona said...

I'd heard your area was going to get snow and I wondered if that actually happened. Glad to hear it did! It's a substantial amount of moisture so I bet you'll have some beautiful green coming your way in the spring.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

it looks so pretty - even tho is causes so much work!

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