Thursday, November 29, 2018

Under the Needle - November

Between cooking for the crew, long days at the Sale Barn, a fun road trip to the WRCA Ranch Rodeo Finals, Thanksgiving, and a reindeer assembly marathon, I haven't spent much time sewing this month. As busy as life gets for everyone, I think it's important to make time for the things that bring you joy and as much as I like to sew, there are so many other things I enjoy as well. Thus, my sewing time is often sporadic. I might go a month or longer without setting foot in my sewing room.

The 1st week of the month I made blocks for another little string beads quilt using those Farmer John's Market FQ and a rustic fabric I had in my stash:

I wanted to make it bigger, but I ran out of the background and my online search has been unsuccessful. No worries, I'll dig up something that'll work. After all, all those old quilts so many of us love, have odds and ends pieced together and I have always thought that was part of their charm. 
The rest of the fruits and vegetables will be paired with a black dot, but I haven't settled on a pattern yet.

I also pulled out a bin of leftover strips from a previous quilt that needs to be pieced into blocks and then into a quilt for a friend dealing with some serious medical issues:

I picked up 2 quilts from Jackie on Monday. One is a Christmas gift and the other is a scrappy Christmas quilt for us. I  hope to get them trimmed in the next day or two, make the binding, and stitch it to the front in preparation for some hand sewing over the next few weeks:


It's been too long since I had a quilt finish. I also made a couple of baby quilt tops using this pattern:


I simplified it a bit in order to showcase a couple of special fabrics I had and I really like the end result. Alas, I handed them off to Jackie without taking pictures of the finished tops.

Lots of projects going on at once. I'd probably get more done if I just settled on one project at time, but I know we all sneak in what we can, when we can, and sometimes this is just more fun!


Dorian said...

Looks like you are having fun Karin, when you get to the sewing room. I like your fruit layout, cant wait to see some finishes.

Tired Teacher said...

Ooh, I like the baby quilt pattern. I hope you'll show us the quilt tops when you get them back.

Connie S. said...

What pattern are you using for your string bead quilt? I like tha fruit fabrics in it.

Janet O. said...

But where is the fun in working on one project at a time? LOL
Although, that is how my Mom operated. I didn't inherit that trait from her. :)

Theona Cooke said...

I LOVE the pattern for your farmer john's market fabrics! Are you using a Grunge for your neutral?

Lisa Spencer said...

I Vowed to not start another project until I get a few of the ones started finished! I was doing good until this fall, all of the quilt tops at the quilter came back all at once! So this afternoon I pieced and sewed the binding on 4 quilts. I love your quilts and ambition!

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