Thursday, November 2, 2017

Yes, Another Post About Fall Works

Are ya'll tired of reading about fall works yet? If I don't get this stuff written down, I'll forget and I really like to keep some sort of record about our life here at the end of the dirt road and this is weaning season so that's what you get. Should I warn you that this is a picture heavy post? Probably no need because you have come to expect it when you visit here. -Grin-

Fall is our busiest time at the sale barn so the days are especially long, but I can't complain about leaving at 9 or 10, when my boss doesn't leave until 1. But combine a long Monday at the sale barn with our fall works and this old gal is plumb tuckered out. We were short handed last Tuesday so DH drafted me to help process cows and haul calves. When I dropped the boys off in the morning and headed back to the house, the good Lord was at it again, painting the New Mexico sky with breathtaking beauty and this red-tailed hawk and I stopped to soak it all in:

Later, the boys gathered the cattle

And brought them to the pens

 Where I take way too many pictures of this fella

But after over 30 years, I am still smitten with him

 One of these days he's going to take my camera away

 But until then, I will continue to capture the magic of ordinary days

They separated the calves from the cows

And started to work the cows

By walking them through the portable setup we have at this set of pens:

DH vaccinated them

And I doused them with Cydectin under the watchful eye of this girl

And the supervision of this gentle Mama

Then we loaded calves:

Drove them the 18 miles to headquarters

And unloaded them

Into the pens

 Then it was back to the east side where the sun was setting

And the cows were let out 

to begin their empty nesting until the new crop arrives in the spring

We had to pick up a bull from Armstrong Basin (a pasture) and then were able to head back to the house, tired, but thankful and grateful for the blessings God tucks into each and every day.


Janet O. said...

You have a rich, full life, Karin--and you take beautiful photos!

Ruth said...

That "Gentle Mama" picture is so warm and friendly, the browns of her hide and the soft eyes turned towards the viewer and the setting? sun in the light! Thank you! It's always so interesting to read about ranching!

Joyce said...

Your pictures are awesome, thanks for sharing some of God's beauty with us. And yes you have worked a long day, but it is a good kind of tired.

Tired Teacher said...

Long days. . . i have to laugh at the common belief that Daylight Saving Time was started because of ranchers and farmers. Their days are as long as the work demands not hands on a clock.

Shepherdess55 said...

Thank you for sharing snapshots of your days. I like learning about agriculture in other parts of the United States.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! You have full days! How many days/weeks do you work like this? Beautiful photos--I don't think your hubby minds having his photo taken

Sherrill said...

You'll be so glad you got all the pix of your handsome dude when you two are old and gray and sittin' in the rockers. What a wonderful life you guys have even though it IS a lotta work. LOVE your posts, pix and all.

Dar said...

Beautiful shots of God's handiwork. Nobody can paint a sky the way He does.

Pauline said...

I would love to be heavily involved in ranch life. People forget who the important people in our lives are: Those who produce our food, those who deliver our food for processing and sales, those who stand by ready to aide
us when we're sick or in trouble, not the snow flakes who scream and protest because they don't get their way and those who produce nothing but controversy. Too many more and I think you get my drift. Thank you for your productive hours spent and hard work.

Anonymous said...

You are a great photographer and do I see a crisp ironing of the work shirt sleeve............oh I can't believe all you accomplish. Thanks for sharing such an interesting life. I get exhausted from just reading.

Ranch Wife said...

Anonymous...LOL, thank you, and no, I do not iron DH's work shirts! That must be a trick of the light, but how kind of you to think that I would. ~Grin~

Alycia said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!

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