Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Needs a Vacation?

Out here at the end of the dirt road we have all the accoutrements one could want. There is no need for us to take vacations. After all, what does one do on a vacation?



Skiing? Got it.


Heck, we even have our very own country club out here.

Actually, it's a storage tank,

but it has all the amenities of a country club without the price and we never have to fight the crowds. We've got a deck...

a lifeguard...good music...

a changing room...
cold drinks and snacks... Did I hear someone say redneck?
Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment.
But what more could you ask for? The only thing lacking is the cabana boy, but I may be able to bribe DH into playing the part if I promise him a cherry pie!


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Sweetie, you've got it all! I think it's wonderful!! Enjoy your summer!

I could have used a stock tank in my back yard for the past week or so. It's really been hot, but not dry... I read today that the Little Rock area is #19 on a list of 100 of the places where you sweat the most! LOL

newsgirl said...

Karin - you absolutely have it made!!!

What are the annual fees for the country club?!


Ranch wife said...

I thought this was the cutest post. Yep I would not trade all our for real country clubs for anything. We have way more fun, and its cheaper too!

cottonpicker said...

When is your next membership drive?? Ha!

Paula Yaussi said...

We might take our vacation at your place!!

Anonymous said...

Um hello, that's no life guard, that's eye candy. :)

(Yes, I realize how far behind I am with catching up with your blog.)

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