Saturday, February 5, 2011

Music to My Ears

Today is day 5 of the big freeze. And we're calving heifers. Below zero temperatures are not conducive to healthy baby calves. I've been praying like mad that the little critters stay put until the mercury reaches a more pleasant level. We once brought one little guy in the house, towel dried him off and wore out a blow dryer trying to get him warm and dry before reuniting him with his Mama as quickly as possible so as not to cause him too much stress.

Aren't you impressed that I could even find these 23-yr old photos?

Ignore his cloudy blue eyes. Old photo taken with flash.

No comments about the big hair. It was the 80's. The cute, curly-headed guy next to me is what you should be looking at.

Otherwise, I'm not complaining about the cold because unlike other areas of the country, we are not dealing with 4' of snow, or horrific winds, or treacherous ice. We only had about 4" of snow, but it's been so dry this winter that we would have gladly welcomed more. Perhaps it would have insulated the ground a bit more and we would have had running water. It's the first time I've been thankful that we have to haul our drinking water from town because those 5 gallon jugs of water came in VERY handy this past week.

We have heat and everyone is healthy so we're praising God for our abundant blessings. Just makes me realize how much we take for granted. Taking a shower every day and the feel of squeaky clean hair. Being able to flush a toilet instead of traipsing outside when it is -10° at 2 am. Sorry bout that. Too much information? Just keeping it real. Going to bed each night with a scrubbed down kitchen and a shiny, clean sink. Better?

So after 4 days, this:

is music to my ears and a sight for sore eyes.

Alas, it also means that DH and DS are spending the next few days fixing leaks. DH is making a run into town to the local farm store to load up on plumbing supplies. I imagine he won't be the only one and he will run into every local rancher who will also have their arms filled with a variety of connectors, and elbows, and couplings, and valves, and pipe, and they will all be spending quality time with their shovels and the tractor digging up said leaks this weekend. Sigh. I had better go dirty up some more dishes that I can't wash and make him his favorite cookies until he calls me out to take my turn at the shovel.


Staci said...

Hope you get your leaks fixed fast! No. Fun. At. ALL!!

Ranch wife said...

Love the big hair! I had the same thing back in the day. Ha Oh that big Texas hair....... No I think it was a cute cute picture of you.

I am soooooo tired of frozen water. Poor B. Ours hasn't all thawed yet. Mostly, but some is still frozen, and he has leaks and such as that....Ready for some warmer weather for sure.

Theona said...

I love seeing this blast from your past and rejoice with you in running water.

Jennifer said...

I still don't have water in the kitchen! It sputtered, and spit out some dirty water for awhile. Then trickled, now it's back to nothing. At least I have it in the bathroom, but goodness! John is so tired of frozen pipes. ;) And what are these clouds I see coming from the North???

NaomiG said...

Oh wow! Those pictures are GREAT! I love them. Boo for broken pipes... that doesn't sound like any sort of fun at all. Hope you get them fixed quickly!

Shelljo said...

Hope you didn't have to many calves arrive during the cold. I've recently watched a show called "Last American Cowboy". Which covers 3 ranching families in Montana. Made me remember the fears of cows calving in the cold and yuck.

Sorry bout your frozen pipes, that does put a damper on everything. I'm sure it took only one trip outside for you to remember to not drink after 8 p.m.!

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