Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Hobo Quilt: 2nd Generation

 Lots of activity at the end of the dirt road this summer, but from the sounds of all of y'alls blogs I'm reading, that seems to be a reoccurring theme. Has life always been this busy? I thought all of this technology was supposed to simplify things. I suppose some of our busy-ness is self-inflicted. In comparison to most of y'all though, life here is pretty quiet. And it's fixin to get even quieter.

Our daughter is packing up to leave for college tomorrow. I'm conflicted. Her Daddy and I are going to miss the heck out of her, but we're over the moon excited about this new adventure she's about to experience. And what Mom would let their kidlet traipse off to college without a quilt? I made one for DS and DD has been hounding me to make one for her for the past 2 years. "When are you going to start on MY college quilt?" "Relax Sprout, you've still got a couple of years."
Well guess what? I made the mistake of blinking and those 'couple of years' vanished. Poof.

There was no question as to which quilt to make her. When I made the Hobo quilt a while ago, it was flung over the back of the couch and it's been there ever since...when it's not snuggled up with one member of the family or another. And it's been snuggled alot. DD wanted it to take to college, but DH claimed it and told her that it was HIS quilt. She already had a quilt I had made her for her bed, but they continued to playfully tease each other about its ownership. DS claimed it as well. DD finally piped up, "Fine. But I want another one JUST like it."

Thus, the 2nd generation Hobo quilt was born.

This is a Carrie Nelson Pattern called "Pick and Choose' from the June 2009 issue of  Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting.  Carrie Nelson is at the top of my list when it comes to quilt designers. If you are addicted to scrap quilts like I am, you need to see what she creates becasue it is all wonderful and Miss.Rosie is her gorgeous retreiver who keeps her in line. I added another row to DD's quilt in order to make it long enough for her dorm bed.

 It ended up being 78"x94". It's the biggest quilt I've made thus far, but it's a fun pattern to piece. So thank you Carrie. Your quilts are truly loved in this family!

I'm hoping it'll keep her warm during those Panhandle winters and that it'll be a little piece of home as she ventures out into the college world while her Mama and Daddy sit at home and attempt to adjust to an empty nest.


Janet said...

It is exciting when your children leave home for new adventures. I always missed them, but I was happy for them too. I love the quilt you made DD. Such pretty colors and it will be just like a hug from home for her.

Karin said...

I have the feeling that life is getting more busy as older I get and the time is passing by so fast.

I love the quilt you made for your daughter. Great choice of fabric and great pattern and wow its huge. Did you quilt it yourself or did it someone for you? I´m sure your daughter will feel like home when she gets snuggled in the quilt. Good luck in college Karin´s DD!

Ranch wife said...

Most beautiful. I need to borrow that pattern!


agent713 said...

This does look cosy. Nice work!

Saska said...

You did good Mom...on the quilt AND the daughter! She'll be fine, and you'll learn that they do come home once in awhile.

Love the pattern.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt. Beautiful, and made with lots of Love!
How exciting....you are going to find a "new" normal!

I think the trend is Busy busy busy...and I admit, I'm NOT a fan!

RobinStar Quilting said...

You are a good Mom to do all you do and to be so excited for your kids to go off on their own adventures. The Hobo Quilt is beautiful and she will treasure it always and think of you with every snuggle.

Carrie said...

Aw shucks... Rosie and I are very flattered at the nice things you wrote about us. Thank you.

But you're the one who should be basking in the glow of compliments and praise! Your Hobo Quilt is gorgeous ~ and you deserve ALL the credit for that.

May your Hobo Quilt bring you and your family many, many years of warmth, security and enjoyment. :)

rosie said...

Karin, your quilt is stunning.. I too am a huge lover of scrap quilts.. Your daughter is going to love this. I love where you took the photo too.

Florence said...

Your hobo quilts are amazing,,,,now it's a long time since then,,,,how those years have flown for you, I'm sure,,,,,gorgous quilts,,,looking for the pattern now,,,so look like bonnie hunt paterns.? I will invesrigate. Blessings to u

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