Monday, November 14, 2011

Proof That I Still Sew

 Sewing around here comes in spurts. Some days (or weeks) the closest I come to my sewing machine is when I dust it, but on others, I may actually get through an entire bobbin. Today was a good sewing day. I sewed through 4 bobbins! I don't remember that ever happening. I don't know when I last had to empty my scrap bucket, but today I did:

And this afternoon I took a peek under my bobbin case:

Yikes! It's been a while since I cleaned this out. Please don't report me to the sewing police.

I made 4 Stockings for Soldiers after seeing them here:

and just about have them filled. It was fun gathering stocking stuffers for them. These are quick to make and I'm already looking forward to making more for next year. It's a small way to let our military know how thankful we are for their service and sacrifice. I just need to write cards and a note and they will be ready to mail.

I stitched up 2 pillowcases for a dear family whose little girl is waiting for a heart. One for darling Katy and one for her sweet little brother:

Wedding Dress Blues posted these cute pot holders a few weeks ago and I had to make some. What a great way to use up scraps! This past weekend we went to the World Championship Ranch Rodeo and I stitched the binding on one pair on the drive to Amarillo:

I love this Texas print on the back:

And I used the same black print I'm using on the western quilt. I love it and am thinking I need an entire bolt. More pot holders are waiting to be bound.

The strips are stitched to muslin and there is a layer of warm and natural batting as well as a layer of insulbrite so they are thick and already hard at work in my kitchen.

I have a side story from our trip this weekend. There is a horse sale that takes place during the weekend and there was a memorial fundraiser for the young family of a man who died in a horse accident. Lots of great items were donated and auctioned off as well as a couple of horses. One of the horses was purchased for $5200 and donated back. He sold again for $4200 and was once again donated back. He sold a third time for $3800. Very cool.

I've also been working on my Western Many Scrappy Trips Quilt. I've got 26 of 110 blocks made:

With 20 more 'in progress'. I tossed a few on the bed and snapped a photo:

I'm a scrappy kind of gal so this makes my heart sing and I'm anxious to get this quilt top together.

These long winter evenings are perfect for hand stitching and I'm ready to start hand quilting on my wool quilt that I pieced last year:

 I'm thinking black perle cotton and am searching for a place that carries Presencia #8 unless anyone has any other ideas. I have no experience with wool, but just HAD to make this quilt.


JMF said...

Wow I love everything! I am going to try those potholders, and look into the Christmas stockings. I love your scrappy quilt it would look perfect on my bed!!!! Really do you dust your sewing machine??????????:)lol

Susan said...

I love both of your quilts! I'm anxious to see your wool quilt after you quilt it. Don't forget show and tell when both of your quilts are done :o)

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Good Lord! You have been busy! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all...what an awesome and giving heart you have. I know all who receive your gifts will truly be blessed!

Can't wait to see more projects you've completed...if only we lived closer together...I am CERTAIN we would have a great time scrappin and sewing! Have a great week K!

Saska said...

I'm with dust your machine?! haha

Hey...I recognize some of those strips. I used some of that barbed wire fabric this weekend. Wish I had a whole bolt of it.

Your Many-Trips quilt looks great! Can't wait to see it finished. Make it'll love it even more!

Alycia said...

Holy cow - when you sew - you sew! Those potholders are great, and what a cute addition to the kitchen.... but that scrappy trip - oh la la!! Its wonderful.

Glad you enjoyed the rodeo!

Doniene said...

Hi Karin,

Love your sewing projects!!! I love the Western scrappy quilt!!! Simple but stunning!!!


NaomiG said...

Uhhhh?! You have time to dust, but not sew?! Lady, you need some help with your priorities!! Haha, just kidding.

I can't wait to get back to sewing. Your posts are always so inspiring.

That wool quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Wow.

Mary Jahn said...

We also went to the Rodeo on Thur & Friday, it was good, I don't recall how I found you blog, but you are "making" me want to sew....and sewing "makes" me use naughty language!! Anyway, I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work! Mary Jahn

Anonymous said...

I also love the potholder idea. I need new ones. But what is it you put in the middle? Linda

Denise :) said...

What fun you've been having!! And I sure can't call the sewing police on you -- I did the same thing the other day; it was horrible!! Hugs! :)

Farmchick said...

I LOVE all the things you have do a great job!! I have never heard of Stockings for Soldiers....I am going to check it out. Sounds like something we could do. :) Come on over and say hi.

rosie said...

Hi Karin, you have been busy.. love everything that you have made.. xx

Karin said...

WOW - you´ve been busy like a bee! It looks like your day has more than 24 h!

Great job on everything!

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