Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Can Be Found in the Kitchen

It’s only Sunday and I’m already tired! Our fall cow works don’t even officially begin until tomorrow, but I am ready to drop. Not good. I am really looking forward to this week, but oh my goodness, I need some more energy!

I started my morning with my 3 mile walk. I washed all the bedding here and in the bunkhouse, every bath towel and every kitchen towel and rag. I cooked 15 pounds of roast, shredded it and added barbeque sauce for barbeque sandwiches. I washed dishes. I cooked another 4 pounds of ground beef (already have 8 pounds cooked and in the freezer) and prepared the potatoes for the Buckaroo Bundles. I washed dishes. I made the Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert and added it to the freezer. I cut up the cantaloupe. I made guacamole to add to the BLTs for tonight. I washed dishes. See a pattern forming here?! I add bleach to my dishwater (no dishwasher here) to insure no one gets sick and by the end of the week, my hands will be completely dried out and shriveled up. However, they will also be completely germ free!

Yesterday, Tyler and I headed into town before 7 in order to tackle the ginormous list I had amassed. I dislike going into town immensely and being in town on a weekend is even worse. I guess that Roswell is not all that large in comparison to many cities, but there are just too many people there for me and the weekends are horrendous.

First stop was Paul’s Vet Supply to return 2 extra bottles of blackleg that were not on our invoice. Paul is a great guy and he thanked us profusely for our honesty in returning them. As I crossed our stop off of my list he exclaimed, “THAT’S your list!?” He then remarked that we were out bright and early, to which I replied, “Well, actually, we’re kind of running late.” He thought that was a funny comment to make at 7:00 on a Saturday morning. I’m so glad that I amuse people.

Next stop. Sam’s. It was completely empty ~ yippee! Tyler and I navigated through the aisles like we were on a mission, which of course we were. 1hour 45 minutes later and $306.25 poorer, we had crossed everything off and made our way to Walmart. I hate Walmart. Alas, it allows me to make one stop and pretty much find whatever I need from potting soil to apples to Tylenol (which I will most certainly need after spending a couple of hours in that store). Once again, Tyler and I made a great team. We headed to the checkout with 2 precariously full baskets and shelled out $389.92. Ouch.

My kids have been well trained in this area. When we lived in West Texas, we were 3 hours from Midland / Odessa which was where we drove to shop. Needless to say, we did not make the trip but once every 6 weeks or so. I would put it off as long as possible so then, of course, we had a ridiculously long list. We would tend to all the other errands and then tackle the grocery store. Three people ~ two of them small children. Three baskets. Tyler was pretty good at maneuvering his, but I would push mine with one hand and pull the one Caitlin was pushing with the other. She could barely see over the handle of the cart ~ poor kid. They were both so good, but I hated dragging them through that. When they become adults, they will probably have to find some sort of 12-step program to help them get over the grocery shopping nightmare they were always dragged into by me. Those sweet kids never complained or asked for anything. I never once remember them asking for candy or a toy or even something to drink. I would usually get them something to eat on the way out of town and they would be so excited. Not 5 minutes after we started for home, they would be sacked out in the back seat. Their heads would be resting upon the 25# sack of flour and the giant bottle of syrup or barbeque sauce would more than likely be poking them in the ribs. They slept like angels all the way home. Then Gary would come out and help me unload everything and we would carry those babies into their beds. I miss Texas, but I do not miss those 3 hour drives to shop and the return 3 hours that almost never brought us home before 11:30.

Oops ~ didn’t mean to go off on a tangent like that. We now return you back to present day events:

Breakfast at 5:00. That means I need to be dressed and in the kitchen at 4:00. Here’s tomorrow’s menu:

Breakfast: Coffee ~ Tea ~ Milk ~ Pancakes ~ Syrup ~Peanut Butter ~ Cantaloupe ~ Scrambled
Eggs ~ Bacon ~ Honey Bun Cake
Dinner: Tea ~ Steak Tampiquena ~ Mashed Potatoes ~ State Fair Rolls ~ Corn ~ Salad ~
Green Chili Bake
Dessert: Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert
Supper: Taco Soup ~ Cheese ~ Sour Cream ~ Cornbread

If anyone happens to be looking for me in the next 7 days...

I can be found in the kitchen.

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Sara said...

I pretty much want to come work for you guys :)

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