Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Done Cooking For the Crew...So Why Am I Still in the Kitchen?!

That's a good question! Sigh... It may have something to so with the fact that I live 30 miles from town. I have a husband. And 2 teenagers. And a father-in-law. They are all in this house and they are always hungry. And yeah, I like to eat too. I even like to cook although you would never know it from all the whining I seem to do about it on here! It just seems like I am ALWAYS in the kitchen!

Today was the first day this week that I fixed a good hot breakfast for Gary and his Dad. They have been dining on cereal. It was guilt that made me trudge into the kitchen this morning and start some bacon. They didn't make me feel guilty. I'm good at doing that all by myself.

The works went well last week and this week we have a bit of a break before they crew arrives for another week. They will be back on Monday night. My stove is presently cooking up 10# of chicken and 4# of ground beef in an attempt to prepare for next week. Some of that ground beef will end up in the Enchilada Casserole I'm making for Cowboy Church tomorrow. There is also a 4-H meeting tomorrow evening so we'll head in to take that in as well.

We're going in to town after dinner for guitar, Tyler's college class, some antihistimine for our herd of horses that are standing in the pens with goopy eyes and runny noses (some of the crew brought sick horses last week), and a cinch. I've also got to run around and try to find a couple of thermometers for science experiments. We need the old Mercury bulb thermometers that seem to be a thing of the past.

Sigh...for someone who really does not like going into town, I sure seem to be there a lot!

This has been a good week though. I have had time to resume my 3-mile walks in the morning and although it is really hard for me to drag out of bed before dawn, I feel much better once my feet hit that dirt road. It's ME time. I enjoy experiencing the dawning of a new day. I have time to think and visit with the Lord. I sometimes listen to music or books on tape. I come back feeling refreshed albeit, in need of a shower.

We are playing catch-up in school this week. Seems as if we are always doing that. One of these days I hope I can quit fretting about how far behind we are. We're probably not behind at all. I'm working on that.

I did get to go out and enjoy taking pictures one evening. Caitlin has rediscovered her passion for riding. Don't think she ever really lost it, just think she was always riding for work and didn't have the opportunity to just ride for fun. It's been a while since she had a horse that I would let her do that on too. Thank the Lord for Wyatt. He's a sweeheart and the two of them make a good team. The light was so pretty that evening and I loved getting behind the lens again.

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Sara said...

I love those pictures!

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