Tuesday, June 17, 2008

12 on 12 June

Whew! These months are moving too fast! I haven't even finsihed last month's project and here I am with the 12th of June staring me in the face!
No scrapbook page yet - I'm having issues with the printer, but here's a peek into the 12th of June at the end of the dirt road:

I've been walking every morning for about 3 weeks and I've been heading out before the sun peeks over the horizen.
Now I have to clarify that I find this very unnatural; however, it is the coolest part of the day and when the day promises to hover in the triple digits, walking at 5:30 makes sense. I know, I know, I don't always make sense, but give me a little bit of credit.

I get up at 5, fix breakfast (I can't eat that early) and trudge outside and am greeted with great enthusiasm by DD's beagle, Tucker. Honestly, this dog doesn't expend any energy unless he has to, but he LOVES walking with me. Our old retired cowdog loves to tag along as well, but he's getting a bit old to make the 3-4 mile trekk so he watches us forlornly as we leave headquarters. Tucker is contemplating whether he really wants to tackle that hill or not:

When we returned, it was time to feed breakfast to this little one:

Apparently her Mama's doing a pretty good job now so she wasn't incredibly hungry. When I stopped to nuzzle her a bit, these critters jumped at the chance to finish up the leftovers:

Then I went out to check on DS. DH wanted this fence built going into the round pen so DS is honing his welding skills

When I turned back towards the house, I found this:
Little rascal wanted to insure the cats hadn't left any lingering milk.

Presently, we are overrun with kittens. I'm quite certain the population has doubled this spring. People will soon begin to avoid us because we will be pressing them to take kittens home. Yes, they could very well be avoiding us for other reasons, but let's pretend they're not. (grin!)

Having a birthday? Have a kitten!

Getting married? Here's two!

Moving? Happy Housewarming - one for each room!

I have to admit, they're pretty darn cute and loaded with personality. Just look at this little toot:

Here, take your pick:

You can have the black one, or the black one, or the black one.

And this is what we were doing in the evening:

Someone has been giving us fruit trees and we are thrilled! Not so thrilled to be digging these deep holes though. The apple trees are in the ground and now we need to find a spot for these nectarine trees.

Mission accomplished!
Since DD got her new camera, it's been rare to see her without it. She's taken some amazing photos with it and on the 12th, while we were planting the trees, she became fascinated with the bugs in the grass so she hunkered down. She was completely engrossed in her subject. Apparently so was this little stinker:

This is Huckleberry. I should probably write a separate post about him.
No, you can't have him.

Well, there are days we would probably pay you to take him.



Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Mercy! It's a good thing I live several states away. I'd take the kitten with the white ruffled shirt and white gloves any day. I've already named it Tux! Too cute! And, I'll have a black one, and a black one. :)
DD is a doll, and I'm impressed that she's digging holes for the trees. May she get a bumper crop of sweet nectarines; they are so yummy!

Kaye said...

Your sunrise picture is beautiful! And your kittens are adorable. I love the black one, the black one, and the black one.

agent713 said...

That sunrise is beautiful. I bet ours would be too if I could get my butt out of bed that early. I'm impressed :)

cottonpicker said...

Hey neighbor! I'm proud of you getting up and walking! If I didn't have two baby kitties already, I would take a couple!

newsgirl said...

Great shots Karin!


Ranch wife said...

Ok I may have to break down and come "kitten" shopping, as it stands the mice maybe winning the war that I have declared on them. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

We would LOVE to have your ds come to Iowa to hone his welding skills. Perhaps we could trade some IA kitties for some TX kitties to get some new bloodlines going. Ours are looking a bit cross eyed!

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