Monday, September 15, 2008

New Addiction!

I have finally come up for air and I have a confession.
No I did not abduct a kitten from the Humane Society -that was Cottonpicker.
No, I did not strip in the barn -that was Ranchwife.

hmmm...seems as if I have surrounded myself with mischief-makers!

My confession is quite blase in comparison.

I am addicted to...


Yesterday I completed the top for the quilt I am making my daughter.

In progress:

My assistant:

So I guess I may just be putting the cart in front of the horse since I haven't actually QUILTED it yet, but close enough.

I am so excited! We bought the horse material 3 years ago and I made curtains for the huge windows in her room. Then I bought more fabric. Let's make a quilt to match.

Forward 3 years later... no quilt.

Then, suddenly...

I felt a twinge.

A stirring.

A desire.

A longing to make a quilt.

So here is the completed top:

Oh my! Ranchwife, you have created a monster! My mother-in-law's quilts have crawled into my dreams and uncovered the quilter within.

It's a conspiracy!

How will I feed my family if I am sitting in front of the sewing machine?

Will they forever be destined to wear dirty clothes because I am unable to walk away from the cutting mat long enough to wash laundry?

Will I have to sell all of my belongings in order to afford the colorful bolts of fabric that line the quilting shop walls and loudly call out to me, "pick me...and me...and me...and!"


I only wish someone had warned me or just given me a hint of how I could be completely sucked into something as simple as a quilt.

My mother-in-law is a quilter and so I have been surrounded by her fabulous creations for over 21 years. I treasure the quilts she has given us. So many of my children's memories, and precious pieces of their childhood, are wrapped up in those quilts.

This one adorned our bed for years when we were married.

This one wrapped a newborn in warmth on a cold morning.

This one soothed away the toddler tears.

This one was dragged across the floor and brought to Mommy and Daddy's bed when a bad dream invaded the sweet slumber of the 4 yr old.

This one was made into a fort that protected its inhabitants from the indian tribes that roamed the living room.

This one was perfect to huddle beneath and dive into the adventures of "Summer of the Monkeys" by the light of a flashlight until Mommy was hoarse.

This one calmed an upset stomach when it was tucked around the 10 yr old.

This one warmed the cold noses on a snowy day after building the snowman.

Oh my! So much more than fabric and thread is woven into our treasured quilts. I have one quilt that was made by my husband's grandmother. It is tucked away in my cedar chest, but I often glance at it and wonder what lovely stories it holds. How I wish that I could sit at her feet and listen to the tales as she pieced that quilt.

Long after grandpa's shirt had been worn through at the has found a new home.
Long after granny's apron has been tucked into a corner after baking hundreds of has a new place of honor.
Long after the baby has outgrown the hand me downs from her has been repurposed.

Seems to me that quilters are the pioneers of recycling. After the useful items were fixed, patched, repaired, and mended; they were united into these pieces of history and they continue to serve a new purpose that will bless and warm new generations to come.

How very lucky for us!

Alas, I have been sucked in by the myriad of beautiful bolts that stand in precision at the quilt shops. Just one more print...

Oh those quilt shops are dangerous lairs. I have already been threatened. Not so long ago I heard, "Step away from the browns!" I looked up and who did I see...none other than the very person who sucked me into this addiction in the first place! Oh, Ranchwife, how could you?

After all, this is all your fault!


RanchGirl said...

I LOVE it! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! Quilting is sooo fun. You're right- our quilts hold many memories!
Dars from SS

Kaye said...

Pretty quilt! And your assistant is a cutie!!

Ranch wife said...

It is beautiful! I love it, and am soooo proud of you. Way to go!

Now about these isn't like I had to push you very hard toward this addiction, and you did not resist in any shape or fashion. And there are way worse things to be addicted Hershey's kisses, which by the way or the perfect quilters snacking food. Small, easy to handle and a bunch of them can fit right next to your sewing machine. :)


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

What a lovely post! It's wonderful how things like quilts can be so memorable. Your quilt is very nice; colorful and well-blocked.

I have a very old, rust-stained, red/white/blue star pattern quilt top made by my grandmother waaaay back when. It was in my Daddy's trunk when he died in 1965. I think it was pieced in the early 1900's (Grandma was born in 1868) but don't know for sure, and there's no one left alive who could tell me. So, I just take it out of the cedar chest and look at it occasionally. It's not in good enough shape to actually quilt, and I have no idea what to do with it. Guess I'll just keep it 'til I die and let somebody else figure it out.

Broken Y said...

Terrific! I'm in the mood to sew also!

theona said...

Karin, It's beautiful. You did a great job. I bet your daughter is really excited to see this come about. Can't wait to see the finished product. :-)

cottonpicker said...

Catnapping and stripping and quilting should not be mentioned in the same sentance!! Your quilt is beautiful and the sentiments thereof! I have a quilt of my mom's that was made from all the outfits she used to sew for our family when I was little - what memories!! Great post!

Rebekah said...

Very nice! My mother is a dedicated quilter, and I just set up a blog for my quilting aunt ( ) Welcome to the ranks of quilters! :)

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