Monday, October 20, 2008

Warning: Politics Ahead!

It doesn't matter what position you hold, I don't think anyone will argue that this year is filled with intense passion on both sides of the fence and at this point in the race, I think everyone's just growing plain weary of politics. That being said, I am going to go out on a limb and break the rule about discussing politics. I've always been a rebel anyway. Grin! After all, we are a country built on freedoms and this is my blog and I simply want to put my thoughts down because I am excited! After all these years I am finally an American citizen and this is my first year to vote in a Presidential Election! I can't wait! My excitement finally bubbled over yesterday - Sarah Palin had scheduled a stop in town and we were NOT going to miss it! Even if it meant waking groggy children in a hotel room early yesterday morning, in Abeline, Tx, where we had attended my niece's beautiful wedding, the night before, in order to make the 5 hour trip back in time to attend the rally.

We had 30 minutes at home before heading to town where we stood for 4.5 hours in support of the McCain/Palin ticket. I was shocked by the huge crowd and long lines. The endless boothes selling buttons and hats and shirts and all manner of political paraphernalia looked like the entrance to a concert.

I'll admit, it was a LONG wait and it was HOT, but it was an amazing experience! I really got excited when a man with a guitar appeared and they announced Hank Williams Jr! Very cool. I enjoy his music a lot although I wasn't sure he was the best choice for representing conservative, moral values! Grin! But there I was, rocking out with everyone else and it suddenly occurred to me that I was acting just like a teenager! LOL!

I love that the kids were excited about attending this rally! This is DS's first time to vote too. They were all good at entertaining each other during the long wait.

When Sarah Palin arrived, I really got excited. I love her. No, she does not have the foreign policy experience that everyone keeps harping on, but neither does Obama and he's running for President! Everyone keeps taking about change. I think she's a breath of fresh air and combined with John MaCain's record, I think they make a good team! I like what they stand for and I had ball yesterday!
I wasn't very confident that I would be able to snap any decent pictures, but I am pleased with the ones I captured.
I hung around after the rally in hopes of getting the opportunity to just shake her hand and I ended up not only shaking her hand, but getting a hug from her, getting her autograph and visiting with her for just a few seconds. She said, thank you, ma'am and that it's people like me that they want to represent and that they really appreciate our support. After she chatted with a few others, she looked back over at me and looked at me directly and said, "Thank you!" Even though there were thousands of people clammoring for her attention, she focused on me for just a minute and that made a huge impression on me. This gal speaks my language and darn if I didn't want to invite her over for a cup of coffee, a piece of pie and a round of skeet! It would have had to be a huge pie in order to feed the multitude of secret service men that flanked her from all directions though.

I believe in the issues they support and here's a list of reasons why they'll get my vote on November 4th:

1. National Security
2. Military / Defense - no-one favors war, but the fact is, we are a free country because throughout the years, we have been willing to fight for that freedom and defend our nation.
3. Pro-Life
4. Tax Policy
5. Experience
6. Energy Policy
7. Less intrusion of federal government
8. Character
9. Integrity
10. Honor
11. Ethics
12. Will not simply redistribute income, but will create income via an increase in jobs and let families choose how to spend it, not government.

I'm not looking for a debate here. Just voicing my opinion and excitement about living in a country where we have a voice to do just that.

I know things have a been a mess, but I think its our own fault. The economy's a mess because we've become a country of excess. A country who has become accustomed to living above their means. A Country who thinks everything should be handed to us on a silver platter. We have drifted away, far away, from the principles this country was founded on - namely, and most importantly - we have wandered out and away from God. The men who founded this amazing nation were Godly men who knew what was most important. They relied on His guidance daily. It scares me greatly to think just how lost we have become.

The Republican ticket is running on a slogan of 'Country First'. That's a big improvement over the 'Me First' slant I'm getting from the opponent, but how about we get back to what it really should be, "God First".

A friend and I were discussing this and she said that God will never remove His hand from His people, but I do think he has removed his hand from this country. That pretty much sums it up. Lets pray that we find our way back and put our trust back in God. That's the only change that really matters.


Ranch wife said...

Great pictures...great post. Said with a hearty AMEN!

Sarah ROCKS!


cottonpicker said...

WooHoo!! Ditto Ranchwife!!!

Brazle's said...

Love your pics...they are great! What a treat to get to see Sarah Palin so close! I totally agree with you that she is a breath of fresh air that this country needs. I'll have to vote for morals as well. I'm praying for our country! God Bless America!

Maria said...

I am so GODLY jealous of you!!!!And happy for you all at the same time =). I love Sarah Palin too, the moment I saw her I just couldn't help not loving her. Our country is in a mess and I am at times tempted to get a bit scared but I have to remind myself that the one who made it all is in control of the whole situation. Whether McCain or Obama get in will not really be because of we voted for but because of who God votes for. Of course I am not suggesting we shouldn't vote, but I say this only because I am reminded of what Jesus said to Pilate on the day of his death, "you only have power over me because it was given to you from above." Whoever gets in will only be there because God has put Him there. May the good Lord's loving hand be upon us and may He rain his unending mercies & forgiveness on us.
Thanks for sharing your awesome day with us commoners ;)! Now off to wake sleepy heads for school!!!

RanchGirl said...

Congrats on getting to vote, and for hugging Sarah! How awesome is that! :)

agent713 said...

The politics thing?
Meh. I just want it to all be over.

But how cool that you got to see and speak to Sarah Palin and hear Hank Jr. That is awesome.

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