Friday, January 9, 2009

Road Trips, Walkers, and Dentures

Early yesterday morning I decided to make an impromptu road trip to a neighboring town to pick up a pair of DH's boots he had in the repair shop. When I mentioned this to him, he gave me that look. You know, the one with twinkling, knowing eyes, that says, "...and what else do you have planned?" He knows me so well.

Well Ranch Wife started it all. Yeah. I'll blame the entire thing on her.

She phones the evening before to let me know that the Walmart had all of their fabric 50% off. Apparently they are closing the fabric department in many of their stores. I'm sure the big dogs have done all their studies that tell them that this is the thing to do, but it makes absolutely no sense to me. Walmart is the only place that carries fabric in that town. The Walmart in the town we shop in is also considering closing their fabric department. Anytime I've been in there, they are busy. A lot of people sew around here and people are actually in line when new bolts are brought out. Here's the strange part - when I wanted to load up on thread, I was told that the thread is not on sale. They are keeping the thread, but getting rid of all the yardage. Huh?! How does that make any sense? What good will the thread do without fabric?! Oh, and they're keeping the patterns too. Makes no sense to me, but then again, they didn't ask me and that's probably why I don't get paid the big bucks to make these types of executive decisions.

Now, Walmart isn't exactly known for it's fabulous fabric quality and I tend to buy really good quality fabric for quilts, but sometimes they have some good stuff and when I'm whipping up an apron or little valance or pillowcase, I have found some cute things.

So ,back to yesterday morning. After Ranch Wife's phone call I suggested, or maybe she suggested, I don't know, these sorts of things tend to get muddled in my little mixed up brain. Anyhow, someone suggested we make a road trip. So at 6:45 I call Cottonpicker and ask if she's up for one of our famous, or infamous, road trips. She asks when we're leaving. I said, I'll be there in 20 minutes. What a gal! I tell you what, she threw on some clothes, ran a brush through her hair, grabbed that sweet little grand baby and met me at the gate with a wink and a smile! We proceeded to scoot on over to he next little town about an hour away and pick up Ranchwife who flounced right into the pickup, sporting her cute new 'do' and we were off.

The 3 Yee Haw Sisters ride again!

Stopped by the boot shop and made plans to stop back by and pick them up after our day of adventure and headed south. We drove up to the little quilt shop and were greeted by a sign that said, for rent. Ack! Three hands flew to three hearts. Three faces drained of their color and 3 gasps of disbelief filled the air. Then our eyes quickly darted to the next window, a window filled with colorful bolts of ...fabric! A cheer went up! The space for rent was only the tiny storefront next door. We all sighed a big sigh of relief.

But wait! The store was closed. It was only a tad after 9 and the store did not open until 10. We walked up to the door and peered inside. We must have looked quite desperate, or pathetic, or both! A figure approached the front of the store from inside and swung open the door, greeting us and inviting us in. They had just finished a Bible Study and she was just tending to some store business and graciously invited us in. Darling girl!

3 hours later, dear grand baby had taken a nap, been fed, changed, Ranchwife and Cottonpicker had completed their purchases; and after much fretting, and actually breaking out into a cold sweat, a swoon or two from lightheadedness, much discussion with my posse, and a major case of guilt, I left with a new baby! I don't often make investments like this or spend money on myself, but Ranchwife soothed my fears with her wisdom,

"Look. It's an investment. It has a 25 year warranty. You won't be needing another thing until you need a walker and dentures!"

Well, if you put it like that...

What would I do without these gals?

See, here it is, all strapped in and ready for it's trip home!
We then proceeded to backtrack towards home and grab a bite to eat at the Java Cafe. Ranchwife's DD met us for a bit while we devoured our sandwiches and then proceeded to wisk her mother away to set up a baby registry and knock off another visit at the doctor. Yes, it seems as if we have been abandoned by one of our own, but I suppose it's all for a good cause. I know it seems like you've been expecting forever, J, but Tadpole will be here before you know it and we can't wait to spoil him! It was good to see you again!

I've been in the market for a new machine for some time and dear, dear, dear DH wanted me to buy a machine with his Christmas bonus so I've been researching for quite some time. He earned some major brownie points on this one!

Now I just have to stop staring at it and get over my fear of actually using it, but first I must make a clean sweep through this house. I simply cannot sit down with a clear conscious and become lost in countless stitches and reams of fabric unless my house is clean. Think I'll whip up a cherry pie for DH as a small token of my appreciation too - one of many I might add!

So, if you happen to notice my absence in blogdom, take heart, I am only sitting in front of the sewing machine whipping out quilts and embroidered kitchen towels. I'll come up for air one of these days!

So here's to all the new creations looming in my future and an official open invitation for BYOT (bring your own thread) play dates and Ranchwife, since this was all your fault, why don't you hop on over here and play - I'll share.


little apple tally said...

Congratulations! Happy stitching! I'm sure you deserve it. And I can't wait to see what results!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

YEA! A new machine. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see what is going to get stitched up and displayed on the blog! Happy sewing and it sounds like such a fun day! Good for you Yee Haw Sisters!

cottonpicker said...

What a pretty baby and what a responsible parent you are....all strapped up and everything!! Got my fabric washed and ironed....will cut out the pattern today. HOPEFULLY I will have no problems...but keep your phone line open just in case!

Broken Y said...

So glad to see you using the seat belt! Can't wait to see the thing opened up! AND all the wonderful creations!

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