Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ode to a Horse: Remembering Poncho

Yesterday was the hardest day. We had to put down a very special horse, the best horse in the world. Poncho was 28 and he had been with us for 24 of those years. He enriched our lives and gave us so many wonderful memories for many years. It was so hard to let him go.

DH bought him in Dripping Springs, Texas just after he graduated from college and before we were married, so technically, he had Poncho longer than he's had me! Poncho turned out to be a great roping horse and a super little cow pony. He never got real big, but DH could put him in any situation and Poncho would always tend to business. When I rode, he was the one I chose. Then the kids came along and he turned out to be worth his weight in gold. Priceless, really. Any of you that are around horses and kids know that a good kid horse is hard to come by. Poncho was a horse you could count on and he had a sweet disposition. The kids have been riding since before they could walk and I never worried when they were partnered with this good old boy. They would often mount up and ride out into a pasture just to see the sights, in search of the next great adventure, which we all know, is just over the next hill. He raised them both and they formed a bond that can never be broken.

He was the parade horse, the roping horse, the show horse, the cowhorse, the reliable horse, the 4-H horse, the reining horse, the cutting horse, the sweet horse, the "let's go on an adventure" horse, the kid horse, and the "I'm really feeling sad and I need someone to talk to" horse.

He was DDs first love and as far as I'm concerned, every little girl should be so blessed.

DH has had lots of horses through the years, but they all pale in comparison to this amazing equine. He wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but he was the most beautiful horse to all of us. He had heart and we will forever treasure the memories.

There are countless memories that swim through my mind when I think back through the years, but I'll leave you with just a few of the pictures that show how very much he was loved. After all, he was a very important member of the family and he will be dearly missed.

Sorry, the slideshow is in the next post so just scroll down.
Thanks Ol' Boy!


theona said...

What a wonderful tribute to Poncho. Animals become part of our families and truly enrich our lives. Sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I dread doing that with my "old man"... he's definitely not perfect but just right for me... He makes me think lol sorry to hear about your loss!

Ranch wife said...

I am sorry. It is so sad to have to do this and they will always be missed. But what a blessing to have had him for so long.

Lots of good memories for sure.


Countrygirl said...

I am so sorry! Losing good friends like that is never easy - human or otherwise! I am glad he was loved and appreciated!

cottonpicker said...

I wish pets and people didn't grow old. We had to put two of Ross' favorite ponies down on Christmas Eve a few years back. That was one sad night. Bay had raised me as a new wife, and all three kids. So sorry ;(

Unknown said...



Shelley said...

Dont know if you will remember me... I am Amy Auker's sister-in-law, married to her little brother, Will. I found your blog through another blog and wanted to say "HI." I cant believe your kids have grown up but I am sure you wont believe how big our children are either if you look at my blog. Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with others. Good to see you how all are doing :) God Bless, Shelley Hale

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