Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Project!

How is it possible to have a stack of patriotic material like this...

and still need fabric to dig into a project?! I have been itching to join in on the Quilts of Valor project and I think I finally settled on a pattern:

I just finished piecing my first Irish Chain (which I will share when I get the binding sewn on)and I'm eager to make another, and even thought this is not an Irish Chain, I like the way the 9 patches frame the stars.

I found the pattern here. Well it's just a picture of the pattern. I'll have to do a bit of figuring in order to come up with the right measurements, but I think I can handle that...even if I am an Aggie!

I have some blue that would work, but I don't think I have enough and I haven't a clue where I bought it, or if it's even still available so I'm on the hunt...again!

Apparently I don't have a very big stash because I haven't arrived at the point where I can shop from it yet, but I'm working on it!

Yesterday I helped a friend with a catering job and wouldn't you know, the hostess just happens to be a passionate quilter! Between servings of salmon and prime rib and a number of mouth watering appetizers and side dishes, we snuck off to take a peek at her studio. She is also a Texas A&M fan so felt right at home! She had a beautiful patriotic quilt completed as well and it just gave me the inspiration to start cutting!

So, even though I've got projects not completed (isn't that what makes me a bonified quilter?!), I'm jumping into a new quilt and I feel like a kid at Christmas!

Alas, I'm having to take a forced sabbatical from my sewing machine because we have to turn off the power for a bit today. I'll post about that in a day or two! Off to cut what I have!


NaomiG said...

Oooh, so exciting to cut into a new project! Building a stash can be so challenging, it's amazing how much fabric it takes to have a good stash! I've actually been working on cutting back my stash because it's gotton so out of hand, I have more fabric than clothes in my closet. :-) However, almost every project I do I still have to order fabric. Amazing.

Shelly said...

Ugh! I had to take a forced sabbatical from my sewing machine to take it in to be cleaned and serviced. I got it back a day late . . . it nearly brought on a full-fledged panic attack, as I have given my only spare machine to my daughter, who has recently begun to learn to quilt.

I love your stack of patriotic fabrics. Our guild is having a patriotic challenge this summer, so I am currently working on two projects for that . . . never boring . . . can't wait to see yours finished!

cottonpicker said...

Girllll, you have way too much ambition....and talent. Share some will ya?

Karin said...

Naomi- well I THOUGHT I had a lot of fabric until I started peeking into some of the stashes of quilters online! Is there such a thing as too much?

Shelly-don't hold your breath! Grin!

L-I call what I have good intentions that don't always come together!

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