Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneaking off to Sew When I Should Be in the Kitchen

I've been cooking for a crew these past few weeks. That means that the majority of my time is spent elbow deep in bread dough, slinging hash, scrubbing dishes in a sinkful of bleachy bubbles,and baking umpteen desserts.  Not to mention filling the sugar bowl before every meal because I don't care how sweet I make the tea for the sweet tea drinkers on the crew, they will empty my sugar bowl at every meal. I spent a boatload of money on groceries:

And this is only a portion of it. I have 25# of flour and all the meat in the deep freeze and the most of the produce is already put up.

I also put up a bushel of green chile:

I have to run back and get another bushel to last us through the year. 6 of these are already gone.

However, in order to keep my sanity during my kitchen incarceration, I sneak away once in a while and indulge in something sewing related. A minute here while the bread rises and 5 minutes there before I have to fill the tea glasses. I feel a tad guilty, but all is well as long as I don't let the rolls burn.

Last week I made this pillowcase for our son.

I just found out that he may get in trouble for it. Apparently they are only allowed to have issued white pillowcases. Oops. I told him that when he opened the box to say, "Sir, yes, Sir. My Mama made this for you, Sir. "  LOL.

I also made this monkey one for our daughter. I KNOW she won't get in trouble. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she phoned and asked me to make pillowcases for the dorm. LOL.

I have been cutting strips for my newest project. Lots of strips.

What's that? Don't I have unfinished projects languishing in various forms of completion that are desperately waiting to be finished?  Hush now. I know not of what you speak and  I'll just pretend you didn't say that.


Ranch wife said...

You are a busy busy lady. Love the pillowcases.


Denise :) said...

My goodness! I remember the days when my kitchen floor looked like that when I returned home from grocery shopping. Well, maybe not *quite* like that, but since I shopped for a month for a family of four plus pets, it was close! Have fun playing -- you *earned* that time! ;)

Deanna said...

Those strips look dangerously fun!

rosie said...

Wow, do those guys know how lucky they are that you are doing all that cooking for them?? You so deserve to sneak off to sew..
I love the pillow slips you made for the kids, and lol at your excuse for your son!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you get some sewing time

Karin said...

What a lucky crew to get some of your homecooking! I love the pillow cases you made and the fabric you used for your sons pillow. Hopefully they will let him keep it. They cutted strips defently look like fun.

NaomiG said...

I think you deserve every bit of playtime you get, and I also think you're wise enough to know when you should work, and when you should play. :-)

The pillowcases are great, and OH. MY. WORD! Look at all those groceries. I find it very annoying to put groceries away. It takes SO long!! :-)

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