Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally Framed!

Thank y'all for all of your comments on my last post. I really appreicate your input and it looks like it was unanimous: dark it is! Alas, I haven't made any more progress in that department. I finally had to give in and make a trip to town where I did score 12 yards of cording:

Next up: piping!
I haven't worked on much else because my little cross-stitch bear has been hogging all of my free time. I am bound and determined to give this to my FIL for Christmas this year. Yes, I know Christmas is still 10 months away, but this project is 16" x 16" and I'm thinking I'll be needing every one of those days between now and Christmas. Honestly, if I have 5 minutes, I am plopping myself down to add a few stitches. I'll share my progress with y'all at the end of the month.

I did finish piecing my Many Trips top!

Yay!  I had some backing picked out, but the top is really busy and so is the backing I had chosen...too busy, so I ordered 12 yards of Caramel Mirage from Connecting Threads. Yes, 12 yards. This is a monster quilt. I'm going to blame it on Saska. She told me to make it bigger. :)
The caramel has a bit of a leather look to it and I also made the binding for it this week:

  I hope to get it Jackie, my long arm quilter, this week. I really dislike making the backing for quilts, especially ones this big. I think I'm just going to have her stitch a large stipple on it. I'm ready for a finish!

I have an old project to share with you though. A very old project. Actually, its been finished for years, decades even, but I never had it framed so I took it in to Hobby Lobby when they had 50% off of their framing, but yikes! Even with a coupon, it was pricey. Still, I put a lot of time into this piece and I'm happy to finally have it hanging on our wall:

On a side note, I wanted to reply to some comments, but some of y'all are non-reply bloggers and I have no way of contacting you. You may have your settings that way on purpose, but if you just aren't sure how to change them, its simple and SewCalGal has posted steps on how to do that:

If you use a Google/Blogger account to leave comments, you can verify your settings and fix them, if needed.
If you have a blogger account, to check your settings:

a) go to

b) click on Blogger Settings

c) be sure the box for "Show my email address" is checked.

d) click Save Profile
Back to my bear. :)


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your quilt top is amazing! Great selection for the backing. Your stitchery picture is wonderful. The prices for framing can be very expensive but they did a very nice job.
I look forward to seeing progress on your bear at the end of the month.

Doniene said...

Great job on all accounts!! Love the framed needlework picture! Just our style!! Framing is an expenditure!! I've started making my own frames and just buying glass to fit. I have two that I need to get to!!

Have a great week!

JMF said...

Love the quilt, and that picture it's AWESOME wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was worth every penny to frame it.

Janet said...

The Many Trips quilt is awesome. I really like the backing you chose. I agree with JMF--framing was well worth it! It's beautiful and needs to be displayed.

Denise :) said...

Your Many Trips top is just gorgeous!! Can't wait to see progress of your cross stitch project! :)

Deanna said...

That quilt is amazing--and huge!

Karin said...

The Many Trips turned out awesome! It makes me wanna play with my 2.5" squares! I love the stitchery and the frame goes perfectly with it.

Staci said...

Your Quilt top is BEAUTIFUL! I just love it! Piecing backing is a pain, isn't it? I still often do it, but I tend to grumble through the entire process!

Saska said...

OOOOOOOO...LOVE your many-trips! Aren't you glad I talked you into making a wagon-sized quilt?! It fits the bed perfect! I recognize some of the fabric too. Going to be a keeper for sure. Make sure you show it after it's quilted..can't wait.

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