Thursday, October 23, 2014

After Works

All the babies are weaned from their Mamas. Much bawling ensued.
All the meals have been devoured. Much dish washing followed.
Many stories were told...and embellished. Much hilarity broke out.

Another Fall Works is in the books. The calves are being watched closely for any signs of sickness.

  On Saturday we had a shower and cooler days followed. We've got a pretty good chance of more moisture this week and of course, we're thankful. However, newly weaned calves are more susceptible to getting sick so we do our best to stay on top of that.

Nary a sneeze nor snotty nose escapes DH's watchful eye.

Each morning he saddles up and rides through them quietly


So far, so good.
Cinnamon Rolls and Lasagna have been doled out to the neighboring ranch and the family at North Camp.

Sunday we recuperated. Floors were scrubbed. My stove and oven were scoured. Meals were served on paper plates. Naps were taken.

My sewing machine was brought out of hibernation with the flip of the switch. A backing was partially pieced. The switch was flipped off and I was recruited to hold a horse.

My day at the Sale Barn was good. Our days get longer in the fall, as ranchers ship and wean and cull their herds. It's non-stop busy because the sale doesn't break. I always lose track of time until someone mentions that its 2...or 3...or 4 and isn't anyone hungry? If and when we do eat, its just a bite of something in between whatever we're all doing. If I'm out on the block, we do get a 30 minute break if we choose and someone comes in to sub for us. I really like the work as well as the people I work with so that makes for a good day, but getting home at 7:30 makes for a long day and I imagine there'll be longer ones to come.

The other day, our camp man's wife sent this over for us:

What a sweet treat, and no, she did not send over the cake with bites taken out of it. That was me! :)
 I had sent over Lasagna and she returned my dish with cookies and pound cake! I think I got the better end of the deal! And included in my goodie package was a sweet note from her and the kids:

Last time I was in town, I was dashing out of the grocery store and I saw a display with Venus Fly Trap plants and I thought the kids would love it. They did and being home schooled, it turned into a science lesson and they wrote me a sweet note that now hangs on my refrigerator and makes me smile.

Now we've got to turn our attention to winterizing. Cooler days have arrived and winter is on the horizon. The wasps have been all abuzz lately and, in October, I always take that as a sign that its fixing to get cold.

Its been a really good summer, but I'm kind of ready to break out the flannel and pull on denim coats. Remind me of that when I fuss about being cold! :)


Doniene said...

A tale of a contented ranch wife!

Blessings and hugs!

Nancy said...

Ah yes, the bawling calves and the bawling mamas are memorable, crying so much that they get hoarse and still try to bawl.

I put the flannel sheets on the bed yesterday and slept in a toasty bed last night. Bliss!

Pauline said...

City folks just don't know what a wonderful life is like. Time to hunker down and do some sewing.

Judith Blinkenberg said...

I just Love your blog! You are such an interesting writer. I share things you say with my hubby. If I ever get near your state I would come see you. You are a very special person!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Maybe a little rest and some sewing, too!! Life is good. Oldest daughter is here and we have made batch after batch of biscotti. Most will go in the freezer for holiday gifts. I thought about you and college girl in your kitchen while we were baking.

M. E. Stephens said...

I love the top picture. So glad you all are getting some rain still. We're praying for some more here now. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life. It was a pleasant read today. :-)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love reading about your daily adventures....but am far too old to do all that myself. :) Yumm those cinnamon rolls sound good! blessings, marlene

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