Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stitches for a Hedgehog

I never seem to be able to sew a stitch for about 3 or 4 weeks around  Christmas. I must be doing something wrong because I see others stitching up a storm. You would think the big storm we had would give me some sewing time. I always hear people get to sew when a storm is brewing. That's rarely the case around here. Don't get me wrong though - I'm not complaining. Actually I DID sew a few stitches. My first of the New Year:

Harvey's hedgehog was in need of a bit of minor surgery, but he fared well and they were soon reunited:

My mom thinks we lead such a hard life, but I just laugh because I think we have it made! Isn't perspective a funny thing?

I've just been spending lots of time savoring moments with our chiddlers. It's so nice when you enjoy being around your grown up children..and they enjoy being around you!


Cribbage is always a favorite around here in the evenings

We're outdoors a lot. Our girl said I looked like an extra from The Revenant in this shot, but hey! At least my ears weren't cold! I've confiscated an old trapper hat that belongs to our boy.


When we're inside, someone's probably in the kitchen making something to eat. My kitchen is pretty small, but I love it when it's filled with friends and family:


Our girl is still here for a few days and while she was out with her Daddy, and I had leftovers for dinner...and supper...I sat down behind my sewing machine for about 15 minutes and it felt odd. I couldn't even remember what I'd been working on before the holidays. I made a table runner before Christmas

 for a sweet lady using wine fabrics:                                                            

And more gift bags using Jenny's Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial:


I love these bags! And my MIL made me a quilt for Christmas!


How great is that?! It's machine appliqued and hand quilted and I treasure it! Isn't that plaid border perfect? I can't imagine all the time that went into each stitch. I'm rather honored that she felt I was worthy of such a wonderful gift.

At one point, before Christmas, I had been working on my floral patchwork quilt. It only lacks a couple of rows before it becomes a flimsy so I stitched a couple of those squares together. It's kind of nice to be stitching a flower garden when there is a blanket of snow outside:


When our boy left, I took down the Christmas decorations, but they're all stacked in his room because I can't get to the shed. We still have at 2-3' of snow in the yard where it drifted. So, I really don't have a lot of room to dig into a big sewing project right now, but it's a start!


Tired Teacher said...

This post clearly shows the love your family has for each other right down to Harvey! The Christmas quilt is beautiful and so cheerful - a true treasure.

Margaret said...

I love that photo of your family in the kitchen. You can just tell that yours is a home filled with love. Blessings in this new year, to you and your family!

Terry said...

So nice when family enjoys doing things together. I love the gift bags and the floral is going to be so pretty. That is some quilt your MIL mad you. Quite an honor to receive I'm sure.

Alycia said...

Oh how much fun!! I love seeing you all together - makes my heart so happy! And your ears - who cares what you look like as long as your warm - that;s my motto and probably why they won't be seen with me in public some times Ha ha!

Dar said...

What a wonderful gift from your MIL. You definitely are worthy of such a nice gift. It is beautiful. That is a great picture of your family. Such a fun time you all have at the holidays.

Nancy said...

Such a great family photo, Karin. Your mom's quilt is amazing. It has so much detail. And your flower quilt is lovely.

M. E. Stephens said...

Nice family picture, and I love the flower garden quilt. :-)
We've had so little winter here we've hardly used our wood stove. (When the days warm up we only use the central heating.) It seems really strange. I was just saying to my husband this week that winter is almost over (here) and it's going to feel like we didn't even have one. I hate to think what the bugs and weeds will be like without a good kill off. We've seen that before and it isn't pretty! :-/

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