Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

If you're a regular reader here, you know that I am an avid bookworm. All of us are. There is never enough time to read. That's probably why I have fallen into the world of audio books, but there still is no substitute for curling up with a real book. Put me in a room full of books and I will get lost and lose track of time until someone comes to drag me out.

The other day, our girl ran across the 2016 Reading Challenge and we immediately began making our lists. we always have a long list of books we want to read, but this will be a fun challenge and we spent a couple of evenings working on our respective lists and yes, we are reading a few of the same books.


This list is subject to change as I am highly influenced by recommendations from other lovers of the written word. Here's a link to our girl's list: The Desert Rat Philosopher . I may be a tad biased, but I think this kid's got a way with words and a unique way of viewing the world. She's bright and clever and fiercely passionate in her convictions. I'm glad she's started blogging again.

And here's my list:

A book published this year: Yet to be determined, but I'm keeping a keen eye on new releases
A book you can finish in a day: The Great Gatsby
A book you've been meaning to read: Go Set a Watchman
A book recommended by your local librarian or bookseller: This House of Sky
A book you should have read in school: The Picture of Dorian Gray
A book chosen for you by your spouse, sibling, child, or BFF: Wuthering Heights
A book published before you were born: Of Mice and Men
A book that was banned at some point: The Heart of India
A book you previously abandoned: Married and How to Stay That Way ...I didn't think I had ever abandoned a book until I cleaned out my nightstand the other day and found this one with the bookmark in it. And yes, all is well with DH and I. I just believe that it is always beneficial to not become complacent and to to continue to work on our marriage covenant with Christ.
A book you own but have never read: Whistling Past the Graveyard
A book that intimidates you: War and Peace ...this one may take me all year.
A book you've already read at least once: To Kill a Mockingbird is too short to read the same book twice, but I haven't read this one in 20+ years and I wanted to re-read it before reading Go Set a Watchman.

Anyone else up for the challenge?


Tired Teacher said...

I'm anxious to hear your impressions of Go Set A Watchman: I was disappointed. The plot and characters didn't disappoint, it was the lack of editing that bothered me. The writing fell short of my expectations because I loved To Kill a Mockingbird and taught it every year for over 20 years, and yes, I re-read it every year.

Love the Reading Challenge list and your selections.

Terry said...

You changed your blog design I see. Very nice. I like to read too, but don't get much done. You have quite an impressive list. Good luck.

Janet O. said...

Sounds like a fun kind of challenge. I've read a few from your list. You've chosen some good ones. : )

Staci said...

You'll get through War and Peace faster than you think! I was surprised when I read it.

Here's a recommendation for your Someday book list: My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman. I just finished it last night and loved it. There aren't many books I put in that category--I like a lot of books, but very few do I really love.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Goodness what a lofty list - I'm just happy to get through a few mysteries. Well, maybe a lot of mysteries. And a few romances. Well, maybe..... :) blessings, marlene

Joyce across the Pond said...

I used to be an avid reader but now have to save my eyes for doing calligraphy.....however, I never 'got into' War and Peace at all...tried twice, but could I say that the BBC is showing 6 episodes of War and Peace very may not be the book, maybe not even as good as the book but it might just whet your appetite. You will be able to get it on the I Player if you wish.
Best Wishes from a very wet Northern Ireland....there are plenty of floods but thankfully not around us...some folks have been marooned for 3 weeks.

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