Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Visit From Tony

I may not have bought out the quilt shop a few weeks ago, but I did have Tony, our UPS man, make an appearance this week. Gotta love a guy that delivers quilt supplies to your door! I told him that he must have the best job ever because everyone is always happy to see him. :) I then told him that we didn't just love him because he brought us brown boxes that made us smile. He really is the nicest man and he left with a baggie of cookies I had baked that afternoon.

When Craftsy had their recent sale, I caved. Aurifil is my favorite thread, but I refuse to buy it at full price. 40% off was enough to reel me in.

This is the sewing box where I store my thread:

I have a lot of thread.

I have thread from Connecting Threads that I have bought on sale and Guterman thread that was on sale at a 50% discount at some point as well as Auriful when I found it at reduced prices:

Still, I could not resist adding just a tad more Aurifil. You know - just in case I run out before the next sale. :)

I love the fact that it's thin, yet strong and it doesn't produce much lint.

 I also never buy kits. The only kit I have ever purchased was to make this quilt for my niece's first baby:

But at half off, Tony brought this kit too:

I'm working on more baby quilts as well as kid-sized quilts and I think this will be cute for a little boy:

I had better get the next batch of  cookies mixed up...Tony'll be paying us another visit soon! :)


Tired Teacher said...

Hurray for Tony! My mom always sent baked goods with the UPS man, too. She also took goodies to the parts guys at the implement dealer.

Love all your three and the adorable kits. Gotta love a good sale!

Nancy said...

Is your Aurifil Mako 50 weight or some other? I've never used Aurifil because I couldn't decide which size to buy. On their website they recommend 28 weight for hand quilting.

The kit you bought will make an adorable quilt, Karin.

Dorian said...

LOL Karin, it's nice to have a friendly UPS driver. We had one at our last house. He and my oldest son (who was between 4 and 14 when we lived there) always carried on a conversation when he showed up. LOL Great deal on the thread and kit!

Denise :) said...

LOL! I have *two* UPS friends...one at work and one at home. My UPS friend from home is Donny and we have each other's cell phone numbers. So he can text me and make sure he's got the correct gate code for the camp. LOL! Plus there's my work mail carrier, Jay, who's a sweetheart. I understand the connection to the delivery fellows (because I'm always happy to see them), even if the thread things goes a little over my head! Hahahaha!!!! :)

Janet O. said...

Cute post!
I don't see the same UPS man two times in a row, it seems. Maybe it is because I don't give them cookies. : )
Deals too good to pass up, I'd say.
Love Aurifil for the same reasons you mentioned. And that is a very cute kit.

Judy Laquidara said...

I'm betting Tony loves y'all too! :) I love Aurifil thread also. We also rarely have the same UPS driver. This is the first place we've lived where we don't seem to have our own regular driver.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

One day UPS man was here the fedx man and the mail women all at the same time with packages!!! I have to admit it was Christmas presents and I had just recently shown my hubby how to shop on Amazon. I just ordered fabric from equilter today:) It's a sickness of some kind with no cure...........I hope:)

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