Saturday, January 7, 2017

The First Week of January

The first week of the New Year was a busy one. After getting over that nasty stomach bug, scrubbing down the house, and putting away Christmas, we made our annual trek to the big city of Dallas for the Dallas Safari Club Convention

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and survived the chaos that is big city traffic. We stay in the really nice hotel that is attached to the convention center simply to avoid having to deal with the traffic.

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Rooms are highly sought after. They open up reservations on a particular day in February for the following January and every one of the 1001 rooms are snapped up in less than 15 minutes so you really have to be on the ball. It always surprises me how many people we know when we go and I love that DH gets to spend time with his brother. You might be thinking that I go for DH, but I enjoy it as much as he does. It's always good to catch up with these 2 on the left. This is the organization that we chose when we went to Africa. Buzz and Miles are 2 of the genuinely, nicest people you'll ever meet. Buzz, center, is barely recognizable because in his natural state he is barefoot and stalking elephant. :)

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They recently got into ranching so they were eager to discuss that with DH.                    
I'm not a shopper, but you can spend a lot of money here very fast.

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(Photos snagged from Google images because I was too captivated by everything to remember to take pictures)
The only thing we bought this time was some hearing protection. DH shoots so much and he's always worn hearing protection, but his hearing has diminished some and we want to protect what he has left. They are not cheap and he didn't want to get them. He said he wanted to get ME something for my birthday and anniversary and I told him that these WERE for me. LOL.

We spent from 9-5:30 walking through the booths and visiting with people and we still did not see it all. We had to get back home on Friday, but we spent the morning seeing the rest of the convention and revisiting a few of the booths before heading out. When we walked outside, it had started snowing. That doesn't happen a lot in Dallas, but Dallas traffic is scary enough without adding snow into the mix. It took us 2 1/2 hours to drive 65 miles

Most people were driving sensibly, but we passed at least 10 accidents. Thankfully, by the time we arrived back at my BIL's house, the roads were clear. We stopped in to pick up this:

Our taxidermy from Africa has arrived! We cannot wait to dig into it, but we also arrived home at 9:30 on Friday night to 3" of snow. The first thing I reached for were my flannel jammies:

 and this morning it was a whopping -1 below 0:

Chopping ice and feeding come before anything else so the crate will have to wait. We might get to 32 degrees today, but at least the sun's out and it promises to be a beautiful day:

Just ask Skeet:

I don't know if his cause for celebration has to do with us being home or the snow,

 but he is jubilant:

And everyone knows that the best treasures are always buried beneath the snow:

I pulled out some stew meat from the deep freeze and it's simmering away, making the house smell awfully good. Hopefully we'll be able to unpack our crate this evening and begin planning our Africa room. There will be moving of various mounts because we didn't want to mix continents and Africa deserves a room all to herself. LOL


Sherrill said...

Yes, traffic was all kinds of bad yesterday. I only went a short distance from home (on the Ft. Worth side) and noticed a couple of slippery spots on the sidewalk so got back home quickly and stayed put! Sounds like the rooms go like for intl. quilt convention. UGH!

Alycia said...

Oh I am excited to see what is in that box!!! and glad you had such a great time!!

Pauline said...

Geez, I can hardly wait for you to display what's in that crate! It got down to 17° here yesterday, which was to me, miserable. I'd be carrying a blow torch if I had to get out and chop ice again. Glad you survived the traffic
in Dallas. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Africa always looks like a hot country, why in the world would a Safari club pick January to have its' convention?

Hilachas said...

What an exciting life you lead! I always enjoy reading your interesting posts and seeing what you're up to next.

Chantal L. said...

I'm so surprised to hear that our cold weather cand reach you, so far away. WOW!! I never would have guessed that. Fun to see Skeet enjoying the snow. Stay warm. ;^)

Judy said...

I'm so happy you had a break in Dallas but the weather was horrid! It was so terrible there in the Dallas area. We were near a lake, called LaVon Lake near Lucas, Texas, and our trailer parts froze. We left this past Thursday with snow on I-20. So scary pulling our trailer. We stopped at a place near Abilene and it was 11d. That night! It's just too cold for this old lady! Today, Sunday, the 8th, we are in New Mexico, at the Rock Hound State Park near Deming NM. It's so nice to be in warmer weather. Looking forward to getting back home to CA, even though there is snow near our home. We can build a good fire and think about being RV full timers, or just summer campers!

Tired Teacher said...

Love the photos of Skeet!

How exciting to have the mounts from Africa in your possession. I can't wait to see photos of them on the walls or on display.

It's bitter cold here, and guess what, I haven't had any power in my all-electric house since Saturday 11:30 PM, and it's predicted power may not be on until sometime on Monday. It didn't take me long this afternoon to throw some things in a bag and head for a hotel. It's Sunday 5PM and I am finally warm after a hot shower. I'm getting a bit weary of cold weather, and it's only January.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

It's been cold here too, but we expect it in SD!! I hear you on your husband purchase being for you! I think as Greg's hearing gets worse mine gets better some day the TV is so LOUD:) I need ear plugs and he should have hearing aids......good luck with that!

Nancy said...

Thank goodness your husband finally agreed to the ear protection. Save that hearing, for sure! Michael's nearly deaf and it sometimes causes problems. He doesn't like his hearing aids and usually won't wear them. Without them he thinks I haven't answered him or he mis-hears what I've said. Yes, both spouses being able to hear contributes to peace in a marriage. Ha!

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