Thursday, February 2, 2017

Good Old Dirt

I don't know if I ought to even admit this, but yesterday, when I was hauling my golden dirt into my garden, I was singing this:

Waylon Jennings: Dirt

Waylon Jennings was pretty close to my favorite songwriter growing up. In 1993 he released a children's album called Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals, and Dirt.

 Our son was 3 and our girl was born in 1993. We wore the cassette plumb out listening to it and we even had a second one to keep in the truck and when CDs came out, we bought it on CD. I don't know what it says about me that our children are grown and I still find myself singing these songs on a regular basis, but it's just the way I roll out here. :)

We have a history with dirt. When you ranch for a living, it's a little hard to avoid it, so we embrace it. :) Our kids grew up wallowing in dirt tanks as often as possible:

A lot of their childhood is filled with memories like this:

The only downside to dirt is when it does this:

(See, M. I'm betting you're not missing this part of New Mexico!) And we have our share of that too.

When the Wind Blows in the Desert

 When I'm out in the garden, I'm usually singing "Dirt" and channeling my inner Waylon Jennings. Good thing I don't have neighbors or they'd call someone to pick me up

Yesterday I read Judy's blog over at Patchwork Times on how she loves dirt here  and I shared this song with her and dared her to listen to it and NOT find herself singing it. :)

Yep, just give me some warm sunshine, dirt running through my fingers, a little Waylon Jennings with the background accompaniment of clucking chickens, and I'm a happy girl!


Janet O. said...

That was a fun song! Really enjoyed singing along--and I'd never heard it before. : )

Tired Teacher said...

I'm sure it's dirt that makes most farmers and ranchers such a hardy bunch by strengthening their immune systems.

Dar said...

I'm right there with you. I grew up with my grandparents on a farm and even though I'm living in the city now and most of my life, I'm still a country girl at heart. In the summer I'd stay outside from sun up til sun down if someone would fix meals for me. lol

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