Thursday, December 20, 2012

When the Wind Blows in the Desert

It looks like this:

 Bet these fellas aren't enjoying themselves either:

These pictures look like they are taken in sepia, but they are untouched and straight out of the camera with a bit of cropping:

Yesterday we had 65-75 mph sustained winds. All. Cotton. Pickin. Day.

I am so glad I didn't clean the house on Tuesday. This old, leaky ranch house is covered in grit. Every windowsill. Every floor. Every bookshelf. Covered in lovely, grit. LOL.

We have been trying to gather estimates for a new roof. No one wants to drive clear out here, but we have two. Yesterday, I was certain the roof was going to go. Don't laugh. It has happened before. I have the picture to prove it

and if you care to know, here is the story: The Typical Day

Here are the shingles on the shed waving to me:

So this morning I walked around and gathered up these, lots of these:

I get tired of picking these up and I imagine DH gets tired of patching the roof. One of my favorite sounds in the world is rain on a tin roof, but even tin roofs aren't wind proof as you can see.

I've read quite a bit about the dust bowl. We had just a taste of it yesterday and it doesn't taste so good. I went to help DH out at the barn yesterday and ICK! Instant sand blasting. Don't women pay for facials with gritty stuff in it? Ha! I got mine for free, but gritty teeth are not so much fun.

This kind of wind just wears a body out. DH was out in it all day long. I logged in maybe 1 hour in it and that was 1 hour too long. Honestly, last night we just sat and looked at each other in a weary, defeated sort of way.

Will you think I am crazy if I say that even after days like this, I love my life? I do!

 Our daughter's cat stayed with us when she ran away to college, and he wanted out yesterday. Just threw a fit so I let him out. He goes out during the day anyway. Wish I had a video camera because the wind just rolled him across the yard and he is no small cat. He is white and fluffy and he gave me a disgruntled look when I let him back in and told him, "I told you so." I swear he even gave me a tail flip. DH thought I had lost it. I told him it was only a temporary insanity.

And I'm blaming it on the wind.


Dorian said...

Oh my goodness Karin! That doesn't look/sound like fun at all. We are expecting gusts up to 48mph, and that is bad enough. I can't imagine it as high as you got. Hope you don't loose your roof again ;)

Denise :) said...

Wow ... that's quite a wind. We get a lot of wind (not like that, of course) and it can get so wearisome. I imagine you know ALL about that! Hope it slows down soon!! :)

Hilachas said...

Oh Karin, what a day. I KNOW since I was in it too. We drove from Ruidoso to El Paso in that wind. Sometimes it was so bad that we had to slow waaaayyyyy down because the visibility on the road was so bad you could barely see the cars ahead of you. Finally got to El Paso and our house, just like yours, is now full of dust. Terrible. Today though, the air is clear and skies are blue but its COLD. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the season.

Jennifer said...

It was awful!

Nancy said...

Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Been there, done that.

I loved the description of your daughter's cat and its experience with the wind. Too funny!

The wind has been howling here the last two days, making it bitter cold. I swear it is blowing off of an iceberg.

Nothing to do but batten down the hatches and hang on!

Karin said...

Karin I had to laugh at the vision of the cat rolling across the yard! LOL! We were supposed to get a really bad windstorm too - but for some reason everywhere around us got it, but not us thank goodness! Our roof is on it's last legs too, so glad we didn't!

I just ADORE that horseshoe bench! Cute cute cute!!!!

Saska said...

we have had 60mph winds here the past few days...but...WHY can't it rain???

(remember me?) haha

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I feel for you! Those sustained winds are miserable enough without all that dirt coming inside. I loved your cat story!

John'aLee said...

Oh my....oh my....I remember well the dust storms in Nevada!

M. E. Stephens said...

The wind was terrible here in Central Texas too, but thankfully this isn't a dusty area. It was so bad around Lubbock! Having driven through West Texas and Eastern New Mexico in November I can understand why! I'm thankful we didn't lose any more trees here, though, and no roof damage that I know of.

The cat story is funny! :-) Our cat hates wind. The first day we let her outside was a very windy day. She really wanted out, but she was, well, as jumpy as a cat. :-)

Sarah said...

We get wind like that and dust storms in Australia too. Wind makes me grumpy! I know the feeling of the sandblasted face, brown teeth and eyes and ears full of dirt. Yuk! Luckily it's not that bad too often.

Staci said...

Yuck! What a miserable time for all of you! Did the wind blow like this for more than a day? I hope not! Love the cat story.

did you find someone to do the roof?

Heading over to see your other post about the roof coming off.....

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