Sunday, December 30, 2012

Did You Know Santa Really Lives in Arizona?

It's true! The day after Christmas, DH brought home a fat envelope. A really, fat envelope. It was a Mary Poppins envelope. I kept pulling things out of it, like Mary Poppins' bag. The first thing I pulled out was this:

How cute is this little snowman? I KNOW!

He is grinning up at me as I enjoy a mug of hot tea and yes, I am grinning back at him! And yes, I know he does does not have a mouth, but he is grinning with his eyes. And no, I do not have whiskey in my tea.

I was the grand prize winner for Christmas Through the Year and Darlene sent me a whole slew of  lovely, lovely gifts.

An oven mitt made from Countdown to Christmas fabric!

4 charm packs of a really pretty Moda line called renewal. I have plans for these! A quilt of course and it will fit right in with my home.

Here is a super cute table mat that is perfect for spring. I am smitten with patchwork and this fits the bill perfectly!

Look at this cute kitchen towel! I love red - it's so cheery:

Darlene even included something I am quite frightened of:

 Yes I am afraid of bags  with zippers. :) Or more accurately, I am afraid of making them. This one is laminated and sporting yummy strawberries.

I love this bookmark! Must make some of these!

A magnetic pin caddy which will come in quite handy as I am forever forgetting where I have put my pincushion and now I can have pins in 2 places all the time. I tend to migrate when I sew.

This darling table mat is just as cute on the front,

as it is on the back!

And this fun table runner certainly spruced up my dining room table.

And here is everything under the tree. I used those red Clover clips to hang some items from the tree. I'm telling you, those clips are just too cool:

  Honestly, I feel guilty. I mean Darlene and Cheryl helped ME out with this club and here I am receiving gifts. If it wasn't for the two of them, I would have been up a dry creek bed and all  the paddles in the world wouldn't have helped. Instead, it was smooth sailing all the way and you can bet I'll be doing this again in 2013!

Darlene, I can not tell you how much I appreciate each and every stitch. I'm fairly giddy over each item and rest assured they will be loved! Thank you!

Now the rest of you ought to get geared up and come along for the ride next year!


Carol said...


Darlene D said...

Wow, what great prizes!! Enjoy!

Denise :) said...

How fun ... what a really *sweet* win!! There were lots (and tons) of goodies in the satchel, weren't there?! The Renewal looks pretty -- you'll put these to good use, I'm sure!! :)

Cindy said...

SWEET! Santa (aka Darlene and Co.) know how to "do" "Santa" right. LOL

Congrats on the fun gifts. And, Happy New Year.

Doniene said...

Awesome!! So, so cute!! What fun!!

Staci said...

Catching up a bit on blog reading this morning.
Aren't you a lucky ducky? What a fun package, you must have gotten such a surprise pulling all those lovely things out of the box!

Michigan Gal said...

You deserve it! You made quite an effort to get so much done and were an inspiration to many (even if I didn't quite get as much done). I'm in for the challenge in 2013. Working on my list now. Yay, Karin! (I'm your #1 cheerleader!!)

Nancy said...

Congratulations! I know you will enjoy every item.

Cheryl said...

I do believe you are right...Santa does live in Arizona!!!!!!! Great goodies....we so appreciate you playing along with through the whole year. I am excited to continue on with Kim in 2013!!

Darlene said...

You're too funny!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your "Mary Poppins Package". :-)

Happy Room Diana said...

wow what a great package.. I must look into this 2013 project plan, wonder where I find it?

Richardson said...

Those are some pretty awesome gifts! Hey would you be willing to see if there is a pattern on the little bookmark? I know its a heart LOL but I don't know how it is made. I love getting happy mail like that.

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