Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking Back on That List From January

Alternate title: What I Did NOT Sew in 2012.

The list of quilts I posted in January and had hoped to complete  looks mighty sad. Those good intentions just didn't seem to make it very far this year. Out of 18 on that list, I only completed 6 and then I made one more that I added later.
I feel as if I sewed all year long and yet I only finished 7 quilts? Sigh.

1. Quilt of  Valor - FINISHED
2.   Marine Quilt - Hugs From Mama Quilt for Our Boy - this is the hst quilt I made for him for Christmas for his barracks. - FINISHED
3. Jungle Baby Quilt - FINISHED
4. Road to Spring -  FINISHED
5. Scrappy Log Cabin - FINISHED

6. Meadow Friends Strip Quilt with Applique - Fell in love with this line and bought a boatload of it when it was half off. I have a plan so it gets a spot on the list. It's even cuter in person! Ummm...the fabric hasn't budged all year.

7.Flannel Snowman - Just lacks the binding. I kept telling Jackie to push it back so I just got it back from her. Hopefully this will be my first finish of 2013.

8. Western Skies - Sent this one off and will have it back after Christmas

9. 30's Raw Edge Circles Quilt - Sending this one to Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts after the first of the year.

10.Western Many Scrappy Trips - FINISHED

11. Made in Cherry Quilt-Along - Jackie has this one

12. Scrappy Granny Squares -  I'm up to 18 blocks. Hoping to move this one closer to the top of the list in 2013.

13. 30's Irish Flower Garden - This one has been at Jackie's for a long time. She is learning how to custom quilt, but her customers (me included) aren't giving her any time to do that. Still at Jackie's. I keep telling her I am in no hurry on this and I'm not.

14. Everything from Carrie Nelson. :) Sigh. Not making much progress on this one. :(

15. Patchwork Wool Quilt - hand quilting needed. Planned on working on this
before Christmas, but Christmas sewing took over. Well it's Christmas...again. Just received the wool batting for this last week. Basting this weekend and beginning the hand quilting.

16. Christmas Quilt - Bought a fat quarter pack of Countdown to Christmas on sale because I was fairly certain I would regret it if I didn't. Still need to settle on a pattern, but I'm so glad I grabbed this up. Still in it's handy dandy little project box.

17. Charlie Brown Christmas Quilt - should I even add this to the list? The fabric's not even out yet. I've already exceeded 12, but I saw a glimpse of it somewhere when people were posting about Quilt Market and it is a 'must have' in this house. See? Fabric is in the house, but that's about it.

18. Ordered this book to make this quilt. Fabric is pulled and ready to cut.

This is the quilt I made that was not on the original list.

19. Dirt Road Gypsy Quilt - stained glass looking quilt I made for our girl for her bed.

Stay tuned for a new list!


Karin said...

you've completed far more than I have this year! Notice I don't make lists, hehe :) I have SO many WIP's, I don't even WANT to know the total number.....

Carolyn Sullivan said...

too depressing to think of all the quilts I haven't done this yr... I just keep plugging along.

Fran said...

Stop beating up on yourself. Six out of 18 oops 19, isn't bad! All they are all good looking quilts too.

John'aLee said...

6 is a great number girlie! You should be proud of yourself!! You got done much more than I did!

Shelly said...

But you make such HUGE quilts! Your 7 is like anyone else's 21 . . . and then, too, you can't control your quilter and how long she keeps them . . . . . . ;)

Denise :) said...

Oh good gravy. I went to my UFO and NewFO lists for 2012 and looked through 'em ... bad mistake. I need to delete those pages FAST!!! ROFL! I did have some finishes, though! But I finished absolutely NOTHING on my UFO list. ROFL! You, on the other hand, done real good (as we say, down here in the heart of Dixie)! :)

Happy Room Diana said...

As a new watcher to your Blog I am impressed by your sewing this year, and what would life be without a few UFO's ?

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Your finished quilts are impressive in their size and fabric usage. I just started a 2013 list. I'm going to try to keep it short... I know, good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

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Staci said...

You are absolutely not allowed to feel disappointed about your list! You didn't just make 7 quilts-- You made 7 mega quilts-- they were all huge! Each should count as at least two! and that super giant one that your quilter said you needed a crane to carry?? Yep, that one counts as THREE!!

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