Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Great Salsa Snafu

In the 30 years I have cooked for a crew, I have never done anything like this.

I've debated whether I ought to even confess this or not. My entire 30 year cooking reputation has been wrecked...shattered...destroyed. Through the years I've heard tell  that I am a good cook. I am not, I am a plain and simple, nothing fancy, but plenty of it, kind of cook.

The worst thing I've done is put cornstarch  in the biscuits one morning instead of baking powder, but in my defense, it was 3:30 in the morning and I'd been up at that ungodly hour too many times in a row that week. And I did burn a cake recently because I was on the phone with a good friend.

But cowboys are unfailingly kind to the cook and often the crew is compromised of single fellas who are over the moon grateful for a home cooked meal, but I sure tested my boys on Tuesday.

I had made enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans, salad, and rolls for dinner, along with homemade salsa. By the time they rolled up in their rigs for dinner, I was feeling pretty puny and I rushed to set everything out. They filed in, thirsty and hungry, commenting on how good it smelled. After filling their plates, and settling in, I turned to put a few things away. I grabbed the salsa bowl and something caught my attention. It looked funny. Darker than I remember it being when I made it the day before. So I put on my glasses and well, it wasn't salsa! Any guesses? It was APPLESAUCE! LOL

I just about died laughing and I popped into the dining room and piped up, "O.K. Which one of ya'll scooped up some of this salsa?!" Oh, the looks I got were priceless! They looked absolutely sheepish and their eyes were filled with laughter that they were trying their best to disguise. I could barely get it out, "THAT was applesauce boys! I am SO sorry!" But it's hard to believe an apology is sincere when the one apologizing is doubled over in hoarse laughter. But I think they were relived at my reaction because they all burst out  laughing as well. Oh my goodness! I was SO embarrassed, but it was SO funny!

Honestly, I was running a pretty good fever of 103°, my ears were plugged up so I couldn't hear very well, I couldn't smell or taste anything and apparently I really can no longer see without my glasses! Both my salsa and applesauce were in mason jars. I keep everything in mason jars.

Yes, in these pictures, it is entirely plain to see which is which, but honestly, that day, in that bowl, in my kitchen...well, it just wasn't. Even DH didn't say anything and he WOULD have, had he noticed.

 And every one of those boys cleaned their plates and told me how wonderful it all was for which they received swats with my dishtowel for fibbing as they walked out the door.

When I shared this with our girl, she laughed too. She was with a friend who is a guy and he told her that fruit salsa is a 'thing' and that I was just being trendy. I could have used that information during my applesauce adventure.

And then, when we got back to branding on Friday, they asked for more salsa. I told them that they could all expect some in their Christmas stockings. When they were filling their plates yesterday, I said that I couldn't believe that 30 years of my cooking reputation had been tarnished by one little bowl of applesauce and one of those dear boys, who's been helping us for a long time, gave me the sweetest smile and said sincerely, "Not even a little".

I honestly felt SO badly, but they thought it was the best thing ever. See, why I love these fellas? Still, I wonder if I'll ever live it down.


Anonymous said...

You are an AMAZING cook and I can't believe all you do to feed a CROWD. Don't feel badly about one glitch. My hubby likes hearing about quilt blogs while we have a meal but I NEVER tell him about yours. I have retired from having the cooking gene and he doesn't need to know about all your homemade goodness that you feed to a CROWD.
I think when I retired that I RETIRED. I can cook but not thrilled about anything that takes hours and disappears in minutes........and then there's the CLEANUP!
I copy the recipes you list also...handwriting practice you know.
Bet that was good applesauce.

Dorian said...

Teehehhehehee... oh Karin! How funny. Don't even fret it, it's not like you made pumpkin bread in a pie shell ;) or anything of that sort, you just grabbed the wrong jar. So no tarnish on that cooking medal... I hope you're feeling better.

Staci said...

Oh, thank you for that confession! I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Yes, you have a great bunch. I would have paid good money to see them with the first taste though.

Ranch Wife said... are much too kind, but thank you! I don't think I'll ever be able to retire from cooking since we don't eat if I don't cook! And as for the applesauce being good...well, the boys seemed to like it although I'm betting they would have liked it better had it not been served over their enchiladas! :0

Alycia said...

I love it!!! What a fun group of folks you have! and I bet the applesauce was REALLY good - so they weren't to sad!!

Tired Teacher said...

Great story!

Janet O. said...

This story will go down in your ranch folklore, and get funnier with each telling. : )
Thanks for sharing your "red-face" moment. Made me smile this morning. And I think you must be an amazing cook--and ranch hand!!

carol fun said...

A story for the ages...LOL... now you were definitely impaired by your illness and that should be ample justification for your error... and hey maybe applesauce is a good complement ... sweet with the spicy... you may have started a new trend!! hugs- carol

allthingzsewn said...

Now you know everyone need a chuckle or two a day. I'm betting everyone of those fellas cleaned their plates all while having a fun moment. Glad you shared with us too, a great way to start my day. (snicker snicker)

Shelly said...

Too funny! Guess that's what happens when you have to work so hard while you're so sick, you poor thing! I hope you're all better by now.

Sherrill said...

They probably could've cared LESS what it was they were so hungry! And it might've been a little change of taste they found appealing!! You probably just stumbled on a new addition to your enchiladas.

Jim and Judy said...

I bet they were delicious anyway! You did not feel well and I hope you went back to bed after that, I would have. Oh, it just keeps us humble doesn't it? Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You have just made me feel so much better about my cooking and meal preparation! Those cowboys are smart--they are thankful you feed them well no matter if it is salsa or applesauce

Kurt Schindler said...

Reminds me of the time I was using powder sugar to thicken my pot roast gravy rather than cornstarch!!!!!!! Glad that I noticed in time and started over - just had a little less gravy.

Moments like these always make for good stories and laughter.


Dar said...

What a funny story and I am amazed that no one batted an eyelash. Mayve you have invented a new delicacy --enchiladas ala fruitanese or some other catchy phrase to describe a fruit toping that sounds very high class. Made my morning!

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