Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sew Special Quilt Shop

There are a number of quilt shops in the area where my mom lives, but I try not to visit them while I'm there. My mom never sewed, but she is well acquainted with my love of quilting as I never walk into her house without lugging at least one quilt in my arms when I visit. She encourages me to hit the quilt shops, but I really hate to take time away from visiting with her while I'm there, so although I have poked my head into a couple now and again, I rarely do. But when I am back on the road and headed home, my self control wavers and I have a hard time not stopping if a quilt shop happens to come into view. :)

The trip is over 500 miles one way and that already makes for a pretty long day so although I love to stop, it also adds hours to my time on the road. I drive right by the shop I'm sharing with you today. Sew Special Quilts is a Baby Lock - Bernina quilt shop, right on the corner of 1604 and I-10, coming into San Antonio, Texas. It's a small shop, with one side dedicated to their sewing machine sales, but they have a good selection of fabrics:

They do not carry 30's or Civil War fabrics, but they have lots of fun prints that would make cute baby and toddler quilts, with fresh, bright bolts of color lining their shelves:

They have a good selection of thread:

And patterns that I did not take the time to really study this time around. Their classroom is right through that doorway:

The staff is friendly and helpful without being pushy and the store is bright and open:

I was in a bit of a hurry, knowing how much road lay ahead, but I popped in to look for some coordinates for this:

I found these 3 pieces at a little quilt shop in Lamesa on the way down and I fell in love with the plaid. I think it'll be cute in a baby quilt although I haven't a clue what pattern I'm using yet. And with prices between $3-$6 per yard, I just could not resist.

At Sew Special Quilts, I found these fabrics from Sundrops by Corey Yoder that have all the same colors so I brought those home, but now that I have them home, although they do coordinate, I'm not sure they have the same feel.

The plaid has more of a country feel while the Sundrops are more modern to me. I see 2 different quilts in my future.

I'm sure glad these road trips don't happen too often. I'd be more broke than I already am!


Donna said...

I think they go great together. Make a scrap quilt and anything goes. The colors are gorgeous. Love that plaid. I've always likes plaids or stripes for bias bindings. Can't wait to see what you do with these.

Tired Teacher said...

Nice shop. When I drive to and from Denver to visit my sister I never take time to stop and shop. Like you said, too much road to cover and adding hours to an already long day is not something I enjoy.

Love the fabrics you purchased and eager to see what you make with them.

Janet O. said...

I really like the original three fabrics the most, but I think you could include some of the others you picked up. I just prefer the plaid, so I would use the florals selectively so that they don't upstage the plaid. But two separate quilts works, too. : )

Jim and Judy said...

I love the plaid also. I have the sundrops and I think it is modern, but that is about all I buy as I don't get a chance to stop at shops along the way. I really like the two pieces you chose and it will make a wonderful quilt. There is a new Moda line out called "Howdy" that makes me think of you. Check it out online. It has children playing. I want to buy it but have to wait. I look forward to seeing your baby quilt!

Dar said...

I like both selections of fabrics and would try to incorporate them together somehow OR if I needed two quilts, use them separately. Now days almost anything goes and when you see it works, you have become a designer. That is what most designers are doing now. Look at Edyta Sitar - she mixes prints and batiks and other patterns and is a very popular designer with lots of patterns and quilts to her name. Of course, YOU have to like it first!! :)

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

That little quilt is going to be so cute!!! I kept driving by a quilt shop ( Blue Top) in Lamar MO on my way to my daughters.....never stopped. The owner of the shop came to vend at our quilt show and we talked about her shop. I stopped the next trip and it's a lovely little shop with lots of different lines of fabric and a wall of $3 a yard closeout fabrics as you walk into the entry. It has become one of my favorite shops!! Good thing I only go by it 4 or 5 times a year!!!!

Janina Postma said...

How the heck can you drive 500 miles in one day? You are a road warrior and l salute you!👍

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