Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What Happens to Britches Around Here When They Are Worn Out

A few days ago, Staci, over at The Confused Quilter, posted these super cute potholders she made and it reminded me about a simple idea I had written about, but never posted. It's been in my draft file since 2013. :)

Through the years, we've gone through a lot of britches. They get worn until they are worn out. When the kids were little, our girl inherited her brother's britches if they were still wearable.

I don't recall ever even buying her a new pair until she was probably 10 or so. Poor child, but I don't think she's scarred from it. In fact, she even got excited when her brother cleaned out his closet a few years ago.
 The kids grew so fast, that often times those Wranglers still had a lot of good wear to them. And Wranglers were all anyone around here wore. That's all we still wear and we're still hard on them.

I wasn't a quilter back then, but I saved them nonetheless. I would pile them in a corner and eventually dig them out to cut them up. One of these days I need to make some patchwork quilts with them. My MIL made one for our son when he was 11. Not a very good photo as I took a picture of a picture in a scrapbook:

It's backed with flannel and he took it when he moved out. Think it's time for me to make one for us!

I never knew what to do with the pockets until a dear friend, Charlotte, clued me in to what she does with them. She uses them as coasters! How clever is that? I shouldn't be surprised, the girl is a never ending supply of cleverness.

Then I thought to use them for this as well:

Works great for party or summer barbecue. And I'm working on an idea for cozies for my favorite drinking glasses.

I can get Wranglers for $26 at the Farm Store. That's a deal folks! I'm thinking that I'm getting my money's worth, and that makes this dirt road girl really happy!


Staci said...

super cute! I really enjoyed seeing your clever denim projects!

Tired Teacher said...

I love denim quilts. They're heavy, but so durable. Wish I had a photo of the quilt my mom made from denim and alfalfa seed sacks. The sacks were a nubby off-white and looked fabulous with the denim.

Sherrill said...

HA! That is so funny, the pic of your boy with the jeans quilt. I made one a hundred years ago for my son who was maybe 2 or 3 and this was before I was a real quilter. I bought jeans at garage sales for 25-50 cents or so and cut them into squares, stitched all together and backed with red flannel then 'birthed' it. It was so big and heavy that, when put to bed with that quilt on top, I don't think my baby could move!! No idea where that quilt is today but I know my son wouldn't be using it--it would be way too hot anytime of the year!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

I made a blue jean quilt for our grandson with jeans from his dad 2 granddads and 2 great granddads. It was his tractor quilt he always wanted to ride with the guys but could never stay awake for hours and hours of tractor time!

Janet O. said...

Many years ago my Mom made denim quilts for all of her grandsons. I loved them, so I started saving worn out jeans. I never got around to using them. Eventually my oldest daughter made a denim quilt from some of her jeans and some of the jeans I had saved. I had even cut the remainders into squares, but still never used them. I eventually gave them to a young mother in my community that was trying to come up with enough denim to make a quilt for her hubby. I just saved a few squares to use when patching jeans.
I am really loving the ideas for the pockets--so fun!

Jim and Judy said...

Adorable idea!! Love the coasters. I bought my hubby some wranglers also as Levi's are so expensive. My hubby has more belly hanging over than yours, but at 70, I just want him to be healthy. I have patched his pants for years. It's usually the knees that need the mending. His brother has asked many times for similar sewing needs. Thanks for the great post. I will start keeping pockets!

Chantal L. said...

Yeah! For denim quilts! I did one with denim and flannel and it ended up on the floor as a carpet for the playroom. Hehehe! Anything goes, right? Love the idea for coasters. Unfortunately, around here back pockets get a lot of wear. I will still keep it in mind. Maybe a DIL might come along with nice back pockets, lol.
You can see the denim rug here

Janet said...

I want to make a denim quilt too, although I don't have the same supply of Wranglers that you have! And $26!! They haven't cost that little here for years!

Nancy said...

Isn't it great when you can use and reuse (and sometimes reuse again) fabric? Denim is heavy so I imagine it would make a great winter quilt, especially with a layer of batting with a higher loft. Those pockets are too cute, especially the one with silverware!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wonderful idea--will borrow your idea for the pockets

Alycia Quiltygirl.com said...

What fun ideas .... and I may have a few pairs of jeans around here

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