Thursday, December 7, 2017

Quick Road Trip

Our girl had her wisdom teeth taken out last Thursday. One was completely horizontal and they had to be cut out. She told me I didn't need to come down, but that's just what Mamas do so I pulled out at 3:30 on Thursday morning and headed her way. This little mountain town I drive through had it's Christmas finery on full display

  When all was said and done, she had 5 extractions with only Lidocaine. She had a 7:30 class the next morning and she went to it. The kid is tough.

Neither one of us is a shopper, but I was down there until noon on Saturday and we ran around and did some Christmas shopping. There is a farmer's Market where she lives and she's been telling me I need to come down for it. It only took 2 years, but I finally made it

It was cool and crisp and just a perfect Saturday morning. We got there at 8 and some of the venders were still setting up, but the market extends for 3 blocks and we thoroughly enjoyed perusing the offerings.

The popcorn vender was popular, but not in the cards for a kid who just had her wisdom teeth removed!

We also popped into this amazing used bookstore again that I've been meaning to post about and will soon

I love the architecture on these old buildings:

Then our girl steered us to this little gem for brunch:

Where this little fella was patiently waiting for his owners...and leftovers

She says this is a hidden treasure in SW New Mexico and I could not agree with her more. Don't let the empty parking lot fool you, the lot across the street was full.

Lots to choose from on the Brunch menu

On her recommendation, I had the Eggs Benedict - New Mexico style (2 corn masa boats filled with a red chili con carne topped with a poached egg and smothered in hollandaise)  and it was the best thing I have ever eaten:

Our girl had an omelette with goat cheese and chorizo that was wisdom teeth extracted approved and it was out of this world. I want to come back and just work my way through the menu, because everything that came out of that kitchen looked and smelled amazing.

I was also able to spend a little time with 3 more of my favorite people and I treated them to supper out to celebrate a new job:

It's so nice when you enjoy the adults that your children have become. It was a good trip and I'm glad that our girl won't have any more trouble with those pesky wisdom teeth.


Sherrill said...

What town is that with the farmers market? I pass thru NM semi-regularly and always looking for different places to visit while passing through. Your girl IS tough--I'd be moaning & groaning for days!!

sherry said...

OMG those eggs benedict sound just divine ... only thing that could make them better is a little layer of green chilies in there somewhere ... i think my body lives in coastal British Columbia and my soul spends lots of time in New Mexico

Tired Teacher said...

Ouch! I remember having my wisdom teeth extracted when I was in college. The day after was not pleasant, and I can't imagine going to class. Your daughter IS tough.

carol fun said...

You are a good mama... they say they don't need us but they sure are happy when we are there. Glad the dental work when well for her. I'm drooling over your meal...oh that looks so yummy. Hope your Christmas prep is going well... a little here a little there.

hugs - carol

Judy said...

It looks like a nice time. No fabric stores? I love the Sabbath, but sometimes miss the outdoor shopping. I’m glad you had a nice time. I like hanging with my grown children, but wait until grandchildren come along! Your whole world will change!!

pbrenner said...

That looks like Mesilla? I used to travel to White Sands from Fort Huachuca for a project I worked on for the Army. We would stay in Las Cruces and almost every night ate in Mesilla - such a charming area, and lots of good food! I hope your daughter feels much better, she is tough to be back to normal activities the very next day!

Patty Brenner

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Hope your daughter is doing well--she comes from good stock. The restaurant looks charming but would be a bit of a drive.

Dorian said...

Oh my gosh, FIVE teeth at one time!! Thats crazy, lol. I hope she is feeling ok after all that. Looks like a lovely little town.

Janet O. said...

You are a very good mama.
My goodness, your daughter IS tough!! I had eight teeth pulled when my wisdom teeth came out and I was sick for days!
Love the looks and sound of the farmer's market. And that sounds like quite a little treasure of a place to eat. :)

Alycia said...

Dang!! she is tough! Glad you were able to go make sure she was good!!

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