Monday, October 11, 2021

Lots of Time Behind the Wheel

 Seems as if life has been awfully busy lately. On Thursday, Sept 30, we drove to Lubbock - 3 hours one way - for a couple of appts. Seems we have reached the age of becoming acquainted with doctors that end in -ist. Dermatologist and Audiologist during this visit. We try to bundle appts since it's such a drive. We popped into the new HEB grocery store before heading home. I do not enjoy grocery shopping, but if I were near an HEB, that may change - so many things peeked our interest

And we treated ourselves to a stop at Braums:

The next day my SIL drove through and stopped in for a visit. Her husband is a cow buyer and she mentioned a bull sale so at 8 p.m. we decided to attend a bull sale in San Angelo the next day - a 5 hr drive one way. That meant leaving the house at 2 a.m.

They had just gotten 2.5" of rain overnight and the pens were a mess. DH pulled on his irrigation boots and walked the catwalk and the pens, looking at the bulls before the sale

We're trying out a new breed of bulls to add a little ear and hybrid vigor to the herd

DH visited with the breeder and other area ranchers before settling up and driving back home - another 5 hours - 10 hours behind the wheel and a bull sale makes for a long day

We had them delivered a few days later and ran them through the chute

Where DH branded them before turning them out

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment

These are ISA Beefmaster Bulls from the Lasater line:

Thus far, they are very docile

We bought 6 hd

Sure am glad we've been blessed with rain this year 

and that they will have good grass this winter:

Welcome home:


Dorian said...

Good morning Karin, my goodness, that is a lot of driving!! ugh. Glad you were able to bring home some more cattle, and so glad you've gotten some rain! I hope you can rest and recouperate from all that driving now ;) have a great day.

Cathy W said...

This is such a nice post. I have sorrow because you had to cut numbers, because of drought. But I am so happy for the rain you have now received. Here in Nevada we are still in horrible drought. But it makes my heart so happy to see your hope for getting the numbers back up. So happy for you. We have never used that breed of bull, will be glad to see the results you get. They are nice looking. Have a great day, and keep stitching. Yours is my favorite blog. I love your recipes too. Had to try the Arkansas Possum Pie, of course because of name, so now I am making one for my nieces husband for his bday. It was good pie and a fun name.
Thanks for your blog

Janna and Mike said...

I ask my Cowboy all the time--couldn't we live near a decent grocery store on one end of the country or the other! It's 22 miles to a crummy grocery store, 55 miles to a good one. We too see way too many doctors lately--nothing serious--just our age I guess! And to see a doctor, it's 100 miles one way!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You have been on the road!
Those bulls look awesome!!! and you have grass - yay!!!

Sherrill said...

Just wondering how many females you have that the 6 fellas have to share? LOL Hopefully very soon you'll have little ones to photograph again. I have yet to be in an HEB store as there are some close but not close enough. HA

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Lots of driving and for good reasons. Am learning to enjoy nicer grocery stores. Looks like your husband picked some good breeding stock. Am very thankful for the rain

Rebecca said...

You wrote "little ear and hybrid vigor to the herd"
I understand the reference to vigor but do not get the "ear" part.

Love your blog and stories and recipes!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Lots of windshield time - but the new bulls look fabulous.

pbrenner said...

I love seeing your blog posts come up in my email - you always have something of interest whether it's sewing, cooking, or your ranch life. I don't know anything about cattle, but those are some nice looking bulls. A BIG thank you to all our farmers and ranchers keeping us fed year round! I'm a native Texan (born in San Antonio and now in the hill country) and we definitely LOVE our HEBs. I hear they've expanded their area - even Dallas is getting some. Perhaps they'll make it to New Mexico one of these years :-)

Jan Conwell said...

I'm from North Texas (Wichita Falls) and your posts, the images of cattle pens, that wide, flat land...makes me homesick. Mountains in Arizona are wonderful, but I do miss that land.

Glad y'all got rain!!! The bulls will make a good addition. What a day you had. :~)

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