Thursday, October 21, 2021

Time Behind the Shovel

 We've got a lot of storage troughs on this place. We've never counted them up, but I think the number hovers around 60. And they get dirty...filled with silt and muck and moss and every so often they need cleaning out. 

Alas, we're still on this place without help and even when folks HAVE been at North Camp, it's been many a year since any of them cleaned out a storage trough. So, DH has been doing a lot of that lately and I've been helping when and where I can:

That means time behind the shovel:

We cleaned three out last Tuesday morning:

It's not a fun job

 but I will make it fun when we are working together:

Our trusty supervisor keeps a watchful eye on the operation:


Well good morning to you too Mr. Leopard Frog

All the amazing rain we've had this year has been such a blessing - pastures full of tall grass and weeds are always a good thing, until you go hunting for the valve box to turn off the water:

Treasure unearthed:

We've put 2 tiny goldfish in some of the tanks in the past and some of those fish have been busy:

As the water drained, I collected a lot of them and Skeet and I relocated them into a nearby dirt tank -

 Muck boots are definitely a plus on days like this:

Skeet is on the job and lets me know when I've missed one

Here, let me help:

Another clean tank and productive morning


I don't know how much help I am. I'd probably be more help if I shoveled more and clicked less - rest assured, I shoveled between shots - but I want to document these seemingly ordinary days because I think most of our days are filled with the every-day tasks that we just "get through" in order to get to the next thing and I choose to stop and soak in those moments and view them through a different lens. 

Each ordinary task or moment is a building block of blessings, a step in making a life and I want to look back and know I haven't taken any of it for granted. Even the days behind the shovel are worth treasuring. Just ask Skeet


Sherrill said...

Your little tales, along with your photography, are so beautiful! Just love your everyday, 'ordinary' life that you share with us. Thank you. And Skeet makes everyone's day, I'd think--so cute!

Violet said...

I agree...I love and appreciate the normal, uneventful days, those are such a blessing. Life can turn on a dime. Love your blog and all of your photography.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Smart lady to document your ordinary days. How I wish I had more photos of daily life on the farm.

Ranch Mom said...

Thanks for the reminder. So very true.

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