Saturday, November 3, 2007

Its November Already?

Oops! I guess its been a while since I posted. Sorry! Don't know where the time goes. My Dad says time moves more quickly as you get older. Older? Who me? Nah! However, time does seem to be whizzing by! My excuse is valid. The fall weather has been coercing me to spend as much time outside as possible. These crisp fall days are hard to resist and there is no guarantee how long they will linger. So, once the winter settles upon us, my posts will not be so sparse, but until then ~ I plan to soak up every glorious fall moment!

I am glad to report that I survived my kitchen incarceration and I have been set free! Whoop! Its mind boggling how many dishes I have washed! My new goal is to have a dishwasher installed before Spring Branding arrives. That will be a bit complicated since my little crooked house on the prairie will need to have a facelift before it will accept one. The counters in this antiquated kitchen are low and they will need to be raised 3" in order to install one. There is no room for a portable one either. I feel greedy even wanting a dishwasher. This year has seen the arrival of a new house for North Camp, new floors in the bunkhouse and a sprucing up of the other home here at headquarters. Not to mention the fact that I almost passed out when I picked up $6,000 worth of Bovishield Gold vaccinations! And we probably need to install a septic before we put in a dishwasher. Its been a great year for the ranch, but it seems like we've gone through an awful lot of money!

Thought I'd share a few photos from the one day I was actually able to disengage myself from the bondage of the kitchen. I thought about hiring a cook next time just so I would be able to devote my time to taking pictures. Didn't go over too well with the crew. The first one to respond was Justin. He looked up in horror and replied adamently, "Oh! Don't do THAT!" Grin! It's nice to be appreciated. Gotta love these guys! They also told me that I should open up a cafe....I don't think so! I really do like to cook but here's what I really LOVE to do:

This is my DH (dear husband) preparing to gather the cattle in Armstrong Pasture. I could take pictures of this man forever! Sigh! Even after 20 years of marriage, he still makes my heart melt. I am so blessed.

This is our son. He's not too fond of the pre-dawn hours. He's got this amazing sense of humor ~ it just isn't apparent at 5:00 in the morning. He's growing up way too fast!

This is DD (dear daughter) heading out to gather the cattle from the north end of the pasture. Something about this picture just spoke to me. I know I did not follow the rule of thirds that is practically a commandment in photography circles but I loved the vastness of both the sky and the waving grass in the pasture. My daughter looks small in this picture and it gave me a moment to reflect upon the fact that it won't be long before she tackles the immense world that awaits her. Its almost symbolic in that she seems to be caught between two places ~ her idyllic childhood and her bright future. I miss the mountains of West Texas with all my heart and it has taken me a long time to acclimate to this flat land ~ I see beauty in both my daughter and the land in this photo.

Here's a shot of part of the crew holding the herd as DH and my FIL cut cattle. See the green grass in the pasture? Look closely. Who knows when that will be seen again. We live in the desert. Its not supposed to rain in the desert. This year it rained. And rained. And rained. We are thankful for every drop. When it gets dry and we are praying for rain, I will look back on these photos as proof that yes, it did rain at one time.

And here's one of my DH. Did I mention that he makes my heart melt? :D

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