Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hark! What is That Sound? What is that Smell? (edited with pictures)

Could it be? I don't rightly know.

Do I dare even say it?

Does my heart even remember what it is called?

Will it be frightened away if I call it by name?

Oh rain! Glorious rain! Accompanied by the comforting sound of rumbling thunder on the horizen! I can scarcely recall the last time this parched country was graced by your gentle touch.

Go ahead, roll your eyes at my sophomoric, inept attempt at poetic prose. You cannot soil my celebratory mood!

Yes - I may have taken leave of my senses, but my heart soars on this Sunday afternoon! DD and I are the only ones home and we both jumped up and threw open the doors and windows immediately to let the comforting sounds and wondrous smells waft through the house.

I know that so many of you across the county have had your fill of moisture and you may scoff at my exhiliration, but those of us raised in ranch country will never denounce the rain.

Oh goody! It's coming down harder!

The arrival of any kind of moisture is reason for celebration and praise in our neck of the woods!

Tiny little pellets of hail are dancing across the pasture.

Thank you God for this perfectly timed blessing! We are truly grateful for each and every drop.

Now the puddles are beginning to form and fill up quickly. This thirsty land will quickly rebound with moisture of any kind. I can almost hear it sigh with relief! This is a sight for sore eyes!

Ladies and gentlemen - we have mud - beautiful mud!

Happy feet!

Even the dusty, nondescriptive gravel that covers the lot here at headquarters has been transformed into pretty little river rocks:

The tiny hail pellets took refuge under the grass tufts:

and gathered in the feed troughs:

We will be pulling on long forgotten irrigation boots and dusty rain slickers that have been sitting neglected in a dark corner for too long and sloshing through the mud and the muck this evening when we dole out supper for the horses in the pens. They too will be frisky and thunder across the pasture in anticipation of their next meal, hooves pounding furiously, mud flying as they make their second pilgrimmage of the day to the pens.

No pictures for now - they won't go through so just picture me kicking up my heels in my irrigation boots as I fairly dance through the muddy pens this evening. It's probably better you don't see that anyway!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Praise the Lord! Good for ya'll to get much needed moisture. I'm hoping to hear that same sound here before morning...there's a chance we'll get some. We sure need it.

Pony Girl said...

Oh, what good news. Want more? I'll send some your way! ;) I am all too familiar with my Muckboots! I practically live in them!
Lovely photos to compliment your post, too!

Broken Y said...

We just got a drink this Monday morning! Nothing like the smell and sound of rain! Happy day for you! Time to celebrate with brownies or something yummie!

Karin said...

Les - praying you're waking up to a soggy morning!

Pony Girl - YES please!

P - Thanks for the suggestion! They are baking as we speak!

Oh my goodness - I can't remember the last time I slept so well!

theona said...

I'm hoping some of that rain makes its way clear across the south to our end of the country. Man, we could use some rain too.

I love good 'ol thunderstorms when I have a day to stay at home. Makes me more productive sometimes and other times makes me just want to curl up with a good book. :-)

agent713 said...

You take beautiful pictures of rain and what it does :) We get *tons* of it here but I confess, I still love a good thunderstorm or even just a heavy rainfall, and we don't *need* it lik y'all do!

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