Thursday, February 26, 2009

Searching for Buzzards

No, not me!
The weather!
There is something inherently wrong with 80 degrees in February!

I think that Groundhog should be fired. Didn't he report 6 more weeks of winter? Apparently his weather predictions do not apply to the southwestern region we inhabit. Maybe New Mexico is exempt?

If we're going to have such odd weather patterns, can I put in an order? How about a wet, wet, windless spring for our little patch of desert? Now that would be unorthodox!

This morning I was infused with energy and I began walking again. Something about the fresh morning air wafting across our bedroom just lured me outside and after a 4 month sabbatical, it was time.
Time to walk off the Christmas fudge.
Time to banish the Valentine chocolate.
Time to shake the dust off of my hiking boots.
I started out with 4 miles. 4 miles seemed a lot farther this morning than it did last fall, but it felt wonderful! I have missed my morning communion...its an incredible way to start the day.

As I traversed my neglected route, I began to search the skies. Surely I would spy a buzzard. See, buzzards are a sign of spring around here. Now a very pretty one, but a sign nonetheless. It's awful early - DH thinks we've still got another 3 to 4 weeks of buzzard-less skies, but the way the weather's been acting, I wouldn't put it past those scavengers to make an early appearance.

I even walked up to a mesquite and peered intently at its bare, prickly branches. Nope. No sign of spring there either.

Hmmm...all the other trees around here are budding out like crazy. Even the little fruit trees I planted at the wrong time of the year last fall are sporting fat little buds of promise. I'm pretty certain that we'll have another apricot-less summer though. Just about the time those beautiful blossoms are at their peak, we'll hit a freeze...or the wind will whisk them away. Sigh.

Well I might as well make the best of it. Time to fire up the grill and throw on some steaks!

Since the groundhog is now unemployed, I wonder if he might be interested in a temporary job...tilling my garden.


Ranch wife said...

It is pretty sad that the first sign of spring in this barren land is a buzzard. Not pretty wild flowers, not a nice spring breeze with a hint of roses in the air....a dirty nasty ugly buzzard.

Now I have depressed myself, I think I will go make cookies.


cottonpicker said...

For the first time in forever, I'm speechless.....I don't want cookies, I want PIE!! and rain...

Broken Y said...

Well . . . I put on a pair of flip-flops yesterday, to enjoy the 70 degree weather! Today - I fed horses in coat, gloves, stocking cap, and I wish I had my covies on!

Happy Heifer said...
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Happy Heifer said...

We are getting snow tommorow and had 80 degrees on tuesday. Crazy weather year!! My husband is night calving tonight in the snow and major mud from having rain and thunderstorms yesterday and 80 degree weather the day before not a good combination for calving heifers/ God Bless
happy Heifer

Karin said...

Sorry M - didn't intend to send you into a depression. On a happy note - the apple trees are in bloom!

HH - I remember those frigid, late night calving sessions all too well! Thank goodness we don't do that anymore! Don't know, you may have registered cattle, but we don't so we put Corriente bulls on the 1st calf Heifers so they throw a smaller calf and we don't have many complications. So far, it's worked beautifully.

Sounds like the crazy weather is making the rounds!

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