Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Meanderings

Wind. Wind. And more wind. Ugh! I have a friend who lives in Florida and I would love to visit her. Today I could step outside and catch a direct flight all the way, as hard as this wind is blowing! Just came back in from the barn and I was sand blasted in the process. Ick.

Busy week ahead. A few years ago we bought a beautiful Oak table and a set of 8 chairs. Alas, the chairs are beginning to loosen from the back so I contacted the couple who sold it to us. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the cowboys who are notorious for rocking back on two legs while they spin their wild tales! So they live outside of Ft. Worth and are making a trip out here to fix the chairs. In a world where customer service is becoming a thing of the past, this is a rarity. I am impressed. They are pulling in tonight and staying through tomorrow. Steve is a talented musician so we will be enjoying an evening of jamming guitars and good music. The kids are heading to Youth, but I imagine DS will be geared up to join Steve when they return.

I think we actually get to stay home tomorrow, but shhh....don't tell anyone or something will surely come up, but Steve and Katie will be here all day working.

Wednesday is our day in town. College classes and guitar for DS, piano for DD, and errands for me - yippee! Not!

The kids have shooting sports on Thursday along with some horseback work, a 4-H meeting on Friday, ACT test for DS on Saturday, a possible horse show for DD, our 22nd anniversary along with a registered Skeet Shoot, and then shooting skeet again on Sunday.

Last week we went to a bull sale in Estancia. We lived there 17 years ago and I hadn't been back since. It was really good to see everyone and we brought 6 new bulls home. Made me feel really old to visit with a friend's son who was 5 at the time and is now 22! He was a cute chunk as a baby and has grown into a really good looking kid with a neat personality.

Somehow, when I think about it, it doesn't feel like I'm growing old. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I know - I'm just fooling myself because there are those days when reality comes crashing into me headfirst and I cannot deny the fact that I need my reading glasses to dial the numbers on the phone, or I need a hand in order to get back up from sitting on the floor, or the gray hairs are multiplying faster than rabbits; but please, just humor me and leave me to my fairytale. I choose to believe that I look the same as I did 17 years ago, just as I was told time and time again. I adore all of those 'old', young friends...liars though they may be!

Didn't someone once say that with age, comes wisdom?....and I'm a long way from being wise so I must not be old! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Grin!


little apple tally said...

Love the logic of that last paragraph! Think I'll stick to that story, too!

theona said...

I bet that sand blasting does wonders for your complexion--no wonder you look so young!

When you come flying this way, just make sure you stop before you get to that big blue expanse--we call that the ocean. :-p

Ranch wife said...

I love the wind. I wish it would blow everyday. I love how the windows in this house whistle and and night, night and day. I especially love the blowing sand....because I love to sweep and dust.

How do you like my positive attitude? Not a bit of scarsam in the above paragraph at all.

Now I am going to clean the dirt out of my window sills. Because I love to do that early in the morning.


Broken Y said...

Okay, I've been thoroughly rebuked! At least my wind doesn't exfoliate my face!

Enjoy your jam session - my DH is learning to play the guitar. I love to sing and it will be good to have him play!

Karin said...

Little Apple Tally - yes ma'am, that's dirt road logic for you! Works every time!

Theona - LOL!10-4. Gonna have to catch the next flight - no wind today!

M - you would!And what is this cleaning you speak of? LOL!

P- bet you and DH will make a snazzy musical duo! Steve and Katie have started a Motorcyle Ministry as well as a Prison Ministry. Lots of amazing music was played these past few days!

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