Thursday, April 2, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Just a typical morning.

That should have been my first clue.

We don't do typical around here.

Katie and Steve are out fixing our chairs. The kids are tending to school. And me...well, I'm in the kitchen - where else would I be? The doors and windows are open. The wind is NOT blowing. The birds are singing. And DH comes in asking me for a piece of denim for an eye patch. Innocent enough although, through the years I've learned to answer his questions with a raised eyebrow.

This is mostly due to the fact that his question is generally, "can you come help me a minute?" Once that particular question is posed, I can pretty much count on being wisked away on some adventure that just might find me on the tail end of a wild bovine, or at the top of a windmill, or chest deep in a creek, or in any number of various, interesting situations. However, this time I was only a witness.

He brought in a steer this morning that has an eye infection. So I rustle up a piece that was slated to be a pot holder at some point and time. DD jumps up from her math and flies out the door at her Daddy's heels. Here's where I insert the part about how I love the flexibility that homeschooling affords us! Ranch lessons are a huge part of our curriculum and, understandibly so, enjoyed much more than studying algebraic equations.

Instinctively I grab my camera. It's just what I do. Then I saunter out to the pens where said steer decides he will not cooperate. He's in the chute, but he's NOT staying there. His horns are stuck and then instantaneaously, they are not and he slips out. So Grandpa, who is 72, grabs on to his head and they attempt to push said steer back into the chute.
Said steer is having nothing to do with that so they let him out. Grandpa is still hanging on and you hear, "Can you dog 'im?" Let me just say that there ain't no can't in Grandpa and I don't know how he did it, but
do it, he did. Go Grandpa! DD was standing in the way so this is only picture I snagged just as DH jumped on the back end. Then she settled into her designated spot:

See, algebra loses!

So that DH could commence to doctoring:

I told Grandpa that we needed him to do that again so I could get some pictures and he laughed, "No siree Missy!" Guess I missed my opportunity. Thankfully no one was hurt, but man, was that ever funny! I'm really glad we didn't have to call Granny and tell her to meet us at the hospital! I told Grandpa he'd earned the rest of the day off, but he doesn't know what that is so he's back out there making his rounds through the pastures.

Now the steer is sporting the newest in eyewear fashion. It's what all the 'in crowd' is wearing.

The steer doesn't seem to be any worse for wear, but Grandpa may be sporting a few aches and pains in the morning!


cottonpicker said...

Never a dull moment indeed!! I can't believe Grandpa wanted you to miss out on a photo opp!!

Amy said...

That was a great telling of a great ranch story! I miss those days. One of my memories is my 12 year old nephew riding a calf. He went everywhere narrowly missing many objects and my Mom about had a heart attack. Growing up on the farm was such a blessing, and lots of fun! So glad your kids get to enjoy living the way that you are living. Amy

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! I ran across your blog from Musings of a Ranch Wife, I must say I didn't know there were this many cool people out there! That think like my family does! Totally cool! Anyway....

Broken Y said...

Now that's Cowboy Tough! And who needs algebra anyway!

Karin said...

Hi Amy! Sounds like you have some great stories too! And I know all about your Mom almost having a heart attack! Around here most of our adventures tend to add to my gray hair!

Welcome BK! Glad you stopped by! Isn't Ranch Wife a hoot!? Never know what that gal's gonna get me into next! Hope you'll stop in again!

Anonymous said...

You betcha I'll be back! I just emailed my mom the recipe that you posted, we'll have to try it! Most of my family is allergic to milk, and so it's nice finding a dessert recipe that doesn't have cream cheese or something dairy in it.
Now I have to go finish algebra... I wish we had cattle right now, I want an excuse to get out of it! HA!! I was introduced to RanchWife's cousins at a bluegrass festival, and then found her blog. Small world!

Happy Heifer said...

Great story we just doctored a bunch of calves and they are all sporting the lastest in eye fashion!! I have a pile of cut up jeans just for that particular type of "doctoring" you did not mention what the eye infection I am sure it is the same as we use the eye patches for though not fun ;P granpa is awesome!!!

Mikey said...

Go Grandpa!! Love that! Just found your blog thru Musings... loving both of you, you make me laugh!
Grandpa, now there's a man you don't mess with. He's still got it!!

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