Sunday, May 31, 2009

On the Cusp of Musical Greatness - Tyler Bryant

Don’t know if y’all have heard of this kid or not, but mark my word – you will! Oh my goodness!

DS and I went to see him at the local Winery in town and we were completely blown away! This kid is a phenomenal guitarist, not to mention, an unbelievably talented songwriter! And he’s just 18! He’s crazy talented! He has a true gift for music.

The drummer and bass player are uber- talented too and it's hard to believe they have only been playing together for a month. They definitely make a great team. Jake runs the lights and sound and everything behind the scene and Tim is their manager. They are all very cool.

And he and his band are just plain nice guys - so polite and humble and personable. They don’t drink or smoke or cuss and they were just so well spoken - good kids with exceptional talent. I wanted to bring them home, feed them a good homecooked meal, stay up all night and listen to them play, and send them down the road with a batch of homemade cookies.

Tyler’s roots stem from the Blues, but he’s so versatile! He plays soulful acoustic, impressive blues, and sensational rock. His passion for the music was palatable in that room last night and I had to hold back tears.

This kid is crazy talented! Y’all are gonna be surprised because you probably don’t think this is the kind of music a dirt road gal like me would listen to, but dang! I LOVE good music – of many genres, and this is just great stuff!! I have a very eclectic taste in music. Genre means nothing to me. I like it if it speaks to me and this kid's music does just that. His writing transcends all genre. He's an 18 yr old with an old soul - an amazing young man.

Tonight they’re playing with B.B. King and then they’re touring with Styx and REO Speedwagon. Someone’s sitting up and taking notice. Someone’s intelligent and knows a good thing when they hear it.

While visiting with his manager, he asked me which of his music I enjoyed the most. All of it. Tyler is so incredibly versatile that I think they’re having a hard time pegging him down into a musical niche. I told his manager that Tyler needs his own niche. You can’t put this kid in a box. He lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes music and I get that from the songs he shared with us last night.

I don't enjoy big venues and there was something wonderful about the small, intimate gathering last night. Tyler is so good at drawing in the audience through his music and stories. He's just so genuine.

They don’t even have a CD out yet – it’s in the works for fall. I. Can. Not. Wait.
I’m a lot of things, but I never thought I would be a 45 yr old groupie! LOL! DS bought a shirt and we may have to fight over it.

You can hear a little bit here although I don't think it does him justice. Hearing and watching him live was definitely an evening I will remember for a long time. So if you get the chance to see one of his shows, take it. Hold on tight, cause you're doing what's right. Kudos to you, Tyler, you're on your way and the sky's the limit!

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