Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warning - DIY Zone Ahead

I apologize for my recent absence. Since branding a few weeks ago, we've been knee deep in one project after another. Since I last checked in with ya'll, we made a screaming trip to San Antonio to celebrate my Mom's 70th Birthday the day we finished branding. The garden is planted and flourishing as much as a garden can flourish... in the desert... during a drought. And suddenly, it seems as if summer has arrived and we're looking at a DIY summer.

Do ya'll ever watch those home improvement shows? I don't watch much television, but I must confess that I enjoy watching these shows. Seems as if they have been multiplying quicker than rabbits - there are a ton of them and they're fun to watch. However, yesterday I decided that they are more fun to watch than they are to actually do yourself. I am fascinated that an entire landscape, or room, or house can be altered in the course of one 30 minutes show - make that 20 minutes, commercials - you know.

So I come away with a plethora of ideas, but empty pockets and I hate to add any more expenses to the ranch. DH is very cognizant of making this place run in the black and unless it rains, that's going to be a challenge so I'm hoping to make some changes on a shoestring budget and my shoestringas are pretty short these days.

The past few months we've dabbled in DIY territory. We've replaced the vanity in the bathroom, removed nasty popcorn ceilings (whatever possessed people to think this was a good idea?!), and gutted the closet in the master bedroom and rebuilt it more efficiently. Yesterday I began to tackle our ancient kitchen. It took me 4 hours to strip the shiny red paint from the middle of the door jams. Ugh! This wood is ancient and thus, it has been nicked and gouged and bumped into with furniture and who knows what all. Looking at the pieces, I think they just used whatever they could find to construct it in the first place. So, now, many years later, I am fussing at the door jams and whinning because my hands hurt... a lot.

If the door jams could talk, I imagine they would have a few things to say. "We have served the occupants of this household for 100 years now. Just wait and see if you don't have a few scrapes and scars after a century lady!"


I just keep thinking how simple this would be if everything was smooth. Alas, nothing, and I mean nothing, in this house is smooth, or level. Not the doors. Not the floors. Not the walls. Not the ceilings. However, it's home and I have come to affectionately call it, "My Little Crooked House on the Prairie". It has character and lots of potential. kind of like me! Grin!

So, I will forge ahead and commence stripping in the kitchen. A while back, Ranch Wife was stripping in the barn and I'm sure Cotton Picker could add to our stripping adventures (cover your eyes) - we're a wild bunch I tell ya!

Yesterday DH, DS, and Grandpa came in for dinner and were greeted with piles of red paint chips decorating both the kitchen floor and me. DH asked me what color I was going to paint. Heck if I know. I haven't gotten that far. One thing at a time.

Have ya'll seen that commercial for paint? I forget which brand, but the lady is standing at the paint chips looking quite frazzled. She has a wild look in her eyes and her hair is standing on end. That's me. I have a terrible time choosing paint. It never looks the same on the wall as it does on that cute little paint chip card. But, I like to paint and if painting was all I had to do, this house would have been painted long ago, but first things first and first the paneling needs to go. Then we'll probably have to re-sheetrock. Then texture. THEN paint. Whoo boy!

I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle the walls just yet. I think I'll redo the kitchen cabinets first. Now I'll just have to gather up the courage to visit the paint section at the Do It Yourself Center. Just thinking about it is enough to make me tremble. Maybe I can conjole one of my posse to tag along. Just spin me in a circle a couple of times and point me towards the paint selections.

So it may be a while before I make another appearance. It may be in your best interest to let the stripper and paint fumes clear the air first.


Anonymous said...

For some reason when I read the title I though DWI not DYI, so I wan naturally a little... Confused! LOL sounds like fun though, if you like that sort of thing. You and my mom should get together and redo a whole house my mom loves to paint

††sara†† said...

Ok Now I am tired. It has been my experience that with old houses one thing leads to another to another to another........ There is no stopping place.

We need to tear out the tile around our bathtub. It has been patched and fixed and patched some more. Our neighbor put up tin...yep tin in his shower when he built their new house...and it is so cool. Didn't Think I would like the look at all. But it is snazzy. Ever since DH saw it he has been saying that that is what he is going to do around the tub...and it will never have to be fixed again! I worry about soap scum...but he seems to be confident that it can be cleaned...guess we will see....if they ever stop working cattle long enough to do a DIY project.


††sara†† said...

Oh heck this is ~M~ and not S. I forgot to sign her out...


Broken Y said...

I am not good with color selections either. Seems like my walls are pretty basic and then I use the fussy stuff for decor.

Have fun in the process.

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