Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This and That and I Don't Like Change

This afternoon we're being blessed with yet another incredible summer rain shower! What a summer we've had! The pastures are green and filled with thick, tall grass. The cattle are belly deep in grass and that's an unusual site around here in the desert and we're thankful for every green blade.

Alas, all this rain means that I'm spending an inordinate amount of time behind the mower. I'm thinking about putting in a request for a riding mower next year. We've got a pretty big yard and then when you add in everything around the headquarters, you're looking at about 5 acres. With everyone else covered up in ranch work, this chore falls to me so I generally trudge out about 6 in an attempt to beat the heat and put in a couple of hours as the resident yard slave before turning into the kitchen fairy and heading in to whip up something for dinner. Between baking bread, or making pickles, and heaven forbid I don't pop something in for dessert, the mornings just evaporate.

However, I still fall into the very spoiled category because come the afternoon, I do have the opportunity for a short nap, or to flip a few pages in the latest book I'm reading, or to clean the bathroom,
... or to play with fabric.

Quilting has been a slow process lately because I'm hand sewing 31 hexagon flowers onto my latest project. I did finish piecing the top for the hexagon quilt-a-long, but I'm in need of some material for the backing. Guess I have no choice but to make a trip to my favorite quilt shop. I'll tell you - the things we HAVE to do sometimes! I might need someone to twist my arm. However, I have to say that spending all that extra time ripping apart those hexagons was worth it! I actually really like the finished top! Just boggles my mind how the exact same fabric can come alive by simply placing it in a different position.

I am also finishing the top to my 30's quilt so I'm hoping to have 2 completed projects to share soon!

Then its on to something new! I'm still deciding. I'm thinking I'm ready for something quick and easy.

On the home front - Camp wrangler kid came home on Saturday. Gosh I missed that kid and she's already gone again! She was here long enough for me to get her into the dentist for a cleaning and then she left again this morning. Headed back to the camp for a 2 day retreat and then she's meeting up with her Daddy for a weekend of scouting and packing back into the mountains with horses. DH drew an elk tag this year and he's trying to become acclimated with the area.

DS is pulling out this weekend and heading back to college. Loved having him home for the summer, but it sure is different once they go away to college. Seems like everyone's coming and going and I'm just trying to keep track of where everyone is.

I've actually been kind of sad this summer. Too many transitions all at once and I'm not very good at embracing change. The changes are exciting for the kids so that makes it easier, but gosh it sure keeps a Mama on her knees.

The next day or two I'll be fixing up some goodies for DS to take back to college. He's getting a batch of spicy pickles that I make, his favorite cookies, some homemade rolls, and part of a pound cake that he loves. Then once he pulls out, I think that'll be the perfect time to drown my sorrows amidst the bolts of quilting fabric at the quilt shop.

Wonder if they'll welcome a teary-eyed Mama.

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NaomiG said...

I think a quilting shop is THE PERFECT PLACE for a teary eyed momma to go. Yay for an Elk tag! Good eating this winter, huh?! I can't wait to see your redone quilt top! Thanks for your sweet comment today-I loved getting it! :-)

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