Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Empty Fridge, Full Life

This is the inside of our refrigerator:

Sad, isn't it? Yes, we are still eating, but it's surprising how much time I am NOT spending in the kitchen anymore. I am feeding only 2 instead of 5. We had antelope hunters out a few weeks ago and I took them a batch of cinnamon rolls because I felt like I had to feed someone something. I took the extra pan in to a friend on my way into church. I sent cookies to DS in a care package and another batch with DD when she came home. I think the new man we just hired needs some too.

DH and I have simplified  and the two of us just can't, and shouldn't, devour an entire batch of rolls or consume a whole pan of  brownies. I'll have a crew to cook for about 12 days and then I'll probably feel like things are back on track.

Even though I've been helping DH, I have managed to spend some time indulging in the sewing zone. I finished piecing a top that ended up being huge at 110"x 110". I'm hoping to make it to a machine quilting class next week and maybe they can convince me that I am not insane to attempt the quilting on this monster on my home sewing machine. I'm thinking of quilting barbed wire in the sashing, but I'm still debating:

Then I pieced a simple quilt to donate to someone in need due to the fierce fires in Texas. I am working on the binding.

The Fat Quarter Shop posted about donations here. I really enjoy stitching things for various causes. I am very blessed and I know it and I figure I can give a little back.

I've been working on a 30's Raw Edge Circle Quilt from  here for some time now.

 I thought I had it finished, but then I decided it needed to be bigger... and bigger ended up being twice as big so needless to say, I'm still piecing.

Some days I don't even sew a stitch, but on others I can sneak in a couple of hours, and then there are the 'catch as you can' days where a minute here and there will give me the chance to sew a seam or two. However, I am not going to fret over any of it because I love my life and truth be told, I think I'm pretty spoiled and I don't want to miss a minute. Yes, even though we miss the kids and this empty nest is taking some getting used to...I've got it pretty good.

So, you would think this empty nest would allow me loads of extra time on my hands to devote to my quilts. You would think. However, I have been spending lots of time going with DH and enjoying every minute. He's keeping me hopping and the days are full. Kind of nice to realize that after 24 years of marriage, we still really like each other. After all, can't have too much free time on my hands...might get into trouble...


NaomiG said...

Love your projects.

Yes, that is one empty fridge. My parents could sympathize. So weird to go to their house and see little quarts of milk in there. When I was a kid we were running low if we only had four gallons in there, haha.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a great post! I'm with you - it's really hard to reduce the cooking! I freeze a lot more now :) Which comes in handy on those days when I just don't feel like cookin! I love that charity quilt - that's so sweet of you to do that! And, I love that you and your hubby still like & love each other after all these years - that is truly a blessing :) Okay, I'm drooling over your 30's fabrics - I want some LOL!

rosie said...

It's really funny that when the kids do leave home, you never seem to have any more time.. I think you spend more time with your partner instead.. It's really lovely that you get on so well with your handsome cowboy!!!
My fridge isn't that tidy!!

Shelljo said...

Your fridge is pathetic!

And I love the idea of the barbed wire stitched in the quilt. TAKE PICTURES! And then send me the quilt!

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